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Advertising Monitor Guide

advertising Monitor in Subway
Are you planning to use advertising monitors in the near future? In this guide you will get tips for the selection and location of your devices for indoor and outdoor use. …

Digital Signage Widgets

Digital Signage Widgets
Digital signage widgets are an exciting solution for implementing uncomplicated, cross-platform customer applications. Learn here how it works and try it with a practical example. …

KPIs for Digital Signage

KPI Digital Signage
What do KPIs mean and what are their advantages? Which key performance indicators can be implemented with digital signage and how do we determine them? This article answers these questions and more …

Digital Signage Marketing?

Marketing plan sign
Digital signage marketing opens up great new opportunities for your marketing. In this article, you will learn about them and how to get the most out of the digital transformation of your marketing. …

What are the benefits of Smart Retail?

Smart retail in a warehouse with augmented reality
Smart retail gives retailers the opportunity to optimize their processes and thereby strengthen customer loyalty. Learn what techniques are used to make this work and how digital signage can be integrates seamlessly. ...

What does Digital Out Of Home or DOOH mean?

Digital Out Of Home am New York Time Square
Classic offline advertising is slowly dying out. The interest of advertising agencies in investing in huge advertising banners in the long term has been declining for years. This is because potential buyers no longer pay the necessary attention to advertising on billboards after only a short time. …

Attract walk-in customers with Digital Signage

Walk-in customers in a shopping mall
Shopping has long since become an experience. Customers want to be entertained and emotionally touched. Here are interesting tips on how to attract walk-in customers with the help of digital signage …

What is a Digital Signage Player?

Digital Signage Player

A digital signage player is strictly speaking a media player software, but there are differences to conventional media players …

7 Tips to improve your Digital Signage Security

How to improve your Digital Signage Security

Digital signage security networks is a relatively new topic. Learn where the dangers exist in your networks and what you can do about them …

How to create Responsive Digital Signage Content?

Responsive Digital Signage

Flexible customizable content saves time and money. In this tutorial, you'll learn to incorporate videos and images from media RSS sources into an HTML5 page for incorporate responsive Digital Signage …

DS Playlists with SmilControl-CMS

Digital Signage Playlists.

How to create digital signage playlists in SmilControl CMS. Learn how to compile a simple master playlist and assign it to a player …

Connecting media player with SmilControl-CMS

Player connected

In this tutorial you will learn how to connect your SMIL-compatible digital signage player (IAdea or Garlic player) via the Internet... with the SmilControl CMS...

Running Texts with SMIL & Co

Time square with display and running texts

This article shows you more news ticker techniques for Digital Signage. You will see a realization in pure SVG with SMIL. We also dig out an old buddy …

HTML5 Canvas Running Text

a Canvas

An HTML5 canvas is a defined area in which you can draw. This article shows an interesting alternative for digital signage news tickers.Learn the pro's and con's …

CSS Running Texts

CSS Running Texts

Newsticker as horizontal ticker are often requested functionalities in the digital signage routine. Learn the technical basics for CSS ticker text without Javascript animations using a simple example.

Channels with SVG and Feeds

A channel image

This HowTo describes how a SmilControl reseller can create channels from RSS feed and SVG templates. You will also discover various technical basics: SVG, template engine, RSS …

Better Digital Signage Player with Linux

Digital Signage Linux Player

What advantages do digital signage Linux offer as a media player? What pitfalls await us? Read why Linux enables you better players …

Digital Signage and Raspberry Pi?

Digital Signage mit dem Raspberry Pi

Those who look at the specifications ask the legitimate question whether digital signage is possible with the Raspberry Pi. You will find out in this article why this is not a good idea …

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