Digital Advertising Displays

What do we understand by Digital Advertising Displays?

Digital advertising displays refer to screens whose primary task is to play out advertising. This type of digital signage solution is ideal for addressing the target audience on the way and at the POS. You will find them mostly in locations with a lot of public traffic.

Digital Advertising Display in a Supermarket
Digital Advertising Display in a Supermarket

Monitors and televisions have fallen continuously in price over the last 15 years. Even large-format panels are becoming increasingly affordable. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years. Therefore, it is only logical to bring marketing and advertising into a contemporary, paperless form.

This is not exclusively a matter of the ecological aspect. Large advertising displays offer immense advantages over conventional posters and save time & money.

Advantages of a Digital Advertising Display

Software Control with Scheduling

Content on digital advertising displays can be easily controlled with our software. Address different target groups at different times directly at the PoS and thus ensure attention.

Animations and Videos become possible

Forget static posters. With our digital signage players, for example, you can play entire trailers for new films. Diagrams and comparison tables (e.g. for projects) on large screens are also better remembered when they are animated. Emphasize the up-to-dateness of your content by displaying a news ticker as running text.

Use Advertising Space More Efficiently

It becomes possible to display multiple content one after the other or spread over multiple zones. This creates a completely different dynamic than with conventional billboards.

Responsive techniques display the same content flexibly in landscape or portrait format as well as in landscape format with little effort. On the one hand, this saves money during creation. On the other hand, different contents and messages can be advertised in different sizes and accordingly adapted to the respective target group. So we offer the ideal solution for advertising of any kind.

Touch Functionality for Interactive Use

Interactive info terminals not only play advertising, but are also used as a feedback channel. Visitors, guests or customers can easily give their feedback on your product or service via touchscreen on the monitor. For example, directly at the PoS (supermarkets, car dealerships, hotel or in your company).

No TV license fees

Since digital advertising displays do not have a TV tuner, there are also no additional TV license fees.

More Attention

Digital visualizations appear more contemporary. The combination of advertising and information grabs the viewer's attention. Therefore, the advertising impact of individual messages turns out to be higher than with print products.

More Cost-Effective in the Medium and Long Term

The fact that posters are no longer printed and distributed at great expense makes the use of digital advertising monitors more favorable in the medium to long term. The low operating costs mean that the investment is amortized within a relatively short period of time.

Room Design

Displays are ideal as a stand-alone element of room design with furniture. Dip the room in different colors. Or give your visitors the illusion of being by the sea during special campaigns. Ensure an unforgettable experience.

Use Cases for Digital Advertising Displays

Digital advertising displays are primarily designed for use in businesses. They can also be used as PoS and PoI applications and in public places. Here are some application examples.


Welcome your guests in the reception hall. Introduce them to the hotel with our player or point out dining times and leisure activities. Communicate easily the most important phone numbers (emergency, police).

Use your new digital advertising space and refinance part of your costs. Establish cooperations with local stores as well as service providers and show your guests different localities.


Respond to special customer requests or respond spontaneously. If it's raining right now, simply promote umbrellas. Make the visit to your store an experience and use a touchscreen.

Your customers will feel comfortable in your store, stay longer and ensure more sales. With the mentioned touchscreen function on the store window, your customers can shop in your store even after hours.


Change digital menu cards promptly and easily. Update legal requirements or content information through the digital signage player without reprinting. Even a display of waiting time becomes possible. A happy hour can be planned in advance or implemented spontaneously.

Shopping centers

Way-finding signs and info terminals at elevators or stairs provide clarity. Create a unique ambience at any time of the year with monitors in combination with decorative elements. Our software allows a quick adaptation of the respective situation and can thus help to generate more sales.


Customers tolerate waiting queues better when they are entertained. (Report: Digital Signage Today)

Particularly parents with young children will appreciate short cartoons at the checkout.

Advertise promotions or provide the checkout with impulse buys.


Flexible promptly replaceable dynamic perimeter advertising. Nothing needs to be elaborately produced and screwed together. Animations and short films become possible where previously there were only rigid immobile images. Messages can be sent. Congratulate a fan on his birthday!

Our Offer for your Digital Advertising Displays

Whether in supermarkets, shopping malls, stations or retail stores. We offer the perfect solution for target group specific advertising and customizable messages with our digital signage software.

You are able implement your own digital signage solutions with our software without any development effort. As a reseller or for your project.

Professional advertising displays offer numerous functions for any application. To operate a display, you need a powerful digital signage player.

Use field-proven hardware players from our partner IAdea or create your branded hardware with our free player software Garlic-Player.

Garlic-Player play numerous media formats such as images, videos, web pages, run programs like webwidgets, and much more.

It offers the possibility to transfer the content via content management software as well as with a USB stick.

Remote maintenance functions allow you to conveniently administrate even large networks with digital advertising displays.

Logs and reports help you create accurate playback statistics for yourself or your clients.

Our flagship product - SmilControl-CMS fulfills the requirements of an asset, control, and content management system for digital signage solutions.

Administrate your users and assign explicit rights for specific scopes.

Nest Digital Signage Playlists and categorize your content. This simplifies the organization of extensive content structures for many different locations.

Create automated content with channels in combination with, for example, RSS feeds.

You want your employees or customers to create and publish an offer? This can be done in no time with ready-made templates where the price and the product are still entered, without any knowledge of Photoshop.

Curious about more details?

Talk to us, tell us about your project.

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