Digital Bulletin Board

What is a Digital Bulletin Board?

Digital bulletin boards replace traditional wall paper notices with a digital screen. Bulletin boards are one of the classics of internal communication and represent a typical push medium. They provide important information to employees, tenants, visitors, or students. Digital bulletin boards are used in schools, for example, as a display for substitution schedules. Due to their timeliness, news spreads quickly and therefore has an enormous benefit for students, teachers and staff.

Bulletin boards create touch points with employees and can stimulate discussion within companies. The use of touchscreens brings with it the possibilities of interaction and feedback. Through the Digital Bulletin Board, employees and the company are thus in constant exchange with each other.

By the way, did you know that the expression “bulletin board” originated in inns? On black-painted boards, chalk was used to write what the respective guest had to pay.

Advantages of a Digital Bulletin Board

Different Formats

Digital bulletin boards can display various formats such as videos, web pages and images. 3D animations of the last works council election or a video from the class trip? All this is no problem, which is the reason why the Digital Bulletin Board is the perfect solution for the traditional paper economy, taking internal communication to a new level.

Centralized Control

With just a few clicks, you can publish news, plans or menus at different locations. Responsibility is clearly defined. Wild and unconceptualized posting is eliminated. Employees thus have the advantage of receiving important information at a central location.


Content for possible events can be published and terminated on a time-controlled basis. Announcements or events are given an expiration date accordingly and disappear on their own. Posters with outdated content are thus a thing of the past.

Get rid of Paper Notes


Notes can no longer fall down or be torn off. The digital bulletin board always looks neat and tidy. Digital signage also offers the possibility to change content promptly. This means employees no longer have to run around the school or company to pin, correct or take down the notices. This is now all done centrally and in real time for several locations at the same time.

Timely changes

No longer does anyone have to run anywhere to pin, correct or take down notes. It all takes place in a timely manner now for multiple locations at once.


Digital bulletin board with built-in touch screen enables interactions with your employees or visitors. Involve your employees or visitors and increase the value of your company. Place it directly at the entrance of your company or school and benefit from constructive feedback.

Use Cases for digital bulletin boards

Canteens and dining halls

Present the current menu of the day or that of the whole week. With the touchscreen, visitors have the opportunity to give ratings. This gives the kitchen chef important feedback. Remind them of important hygiene rules. Not only during a pandemic.


Publish timetables and substitution schedules automatically. Announce events. Your students will surely be happy to view the pictures and videos of the last class trip.


In addition to lecture schedules, announcements or the dining hall menu, you can also use the Digital Bulletin Board for apartment or job searches and sales requests. Using a PC, smartphone, tablet or directly via the touchscreen, students enter their advertisements for the respective location.


Guarantee quick access to operational information paperless for employees and visitors.

House hallways

Inform tenants and owners of appointments such as electric meter readings, fire alarm maintenance, or upcoming repairs. Provide important emergency phone numbers. This is a great way to reach people who don't have their PCs.


Communicate work instructions, company happenings or works council resolutions, or show various diagrams on the screens you attach. Show emergency exits and visualize the fastest way with interactive overview maps.

Our offer for your Digital Bulletin Board

We recommend so-called All-in-One hardware with an media player on board. Typical names for this class of devices include signboard, tablet, all-in-one, and Smart TVs. If no Wi-Fi exists, for example in hallways, LTE mobile communications is used.

You can install our garlic-player on almost any of these devices.

Integrate external data, for example from timetable software, into your digital bulletin board via the SmilControl CMS. Our flexible and open architecture allows for specific customizations.

Create “pin board” templates in your corporate or administrative CD. Your employees simply enter images and text. This way you maintain a consistent and clear structure.

Use the RSS feed from your corporate blog to automatically display content that has already been created, without any additional effort.

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