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Digital showcases or digital vitrines can be found mainly in front of or in community centers, kindergartens, schools, but also in hospitals and restaurants. There, inform citizens, parents, community members and visitors about new ordinances, events or opening hours.

old Showcase on german church wall
Old traditional showcase at a German church

What is it about?

In this article, you will find information and examples of how digital signage improves the efficiency of display boxes and turns them into modern sources of information. In addition, digitalization gives these boxes wholly new possibilities. At the end, you will read how our software can help you implement a solution for digital showcases.

What is a digital Showcase?

You probably know those clunky glass cabinets in front of churches, town halls or on the street in which slips of paper with various information hang protected from the rain. A digital vitrine or showcase 2.0 represents their digital transformation.

How does the Digital Showcase work?

Typically, a digital showcase consists of a networked digital display that stands in an enclosure, either inside a building or outdoors. Networked devices have built-in GSM, Wi-Fi or LAN modules. TThe digital signage management controls the display case. If you prefer not to use a network, you update the screen content via a USB interface.

All digital showcases usually work on the same principle regardless of size, format and technical design.

Digital Showcases Indoor

You find indoor units in government offices and businesses. They often replace bulletin boards, which are vulnerable to fire due to their loose collection of notes. Especially in schools and kindergartens, it's also important to minimize the risk of accidents by using obtuse rounded edges.

Digital Showcase Outdoor

Showcases are often located outdoors. Therefore, like all outdoor screens, they require rugged waterproof housings, automatically adjustable luminosity, and integrated heating as well as cooling modules. Of course, this makes this type of device more expensive due to the concept. However, the high purchase costs will quickly amortize.

What are the advantages of a Digital Showcase?

Replacing a display case with a smart networked display brings the following benefits:
  • Paper-free information
  • Real-time updates
  • Automation
  • More content formats
  • Solar-powered possible
  • Interactions

The Advantages in Detail

Paper-free Information

A digital showcase doesn't need paper. If an error occurs, no one has to reprint slips of paper, and with a networked device, they don't even have someone to physically replace them. Printing errors and the associated problems are a phenomenon of the past.

Real-time updates

Especially with several digital vitrines to manage, networking brings logistical advantages. Update your content promptly at the touch of a button. You no longer need to be on site to change content or decorations.


Timeliness through automation. It appears unprofessional to display outdated information. Your event announcements now get a start and expiration date. So, they enable and disable themselves. This makes your scheduling easier and increases the efficiency of your workflows. Simply plan and create your content for the year ahead. Our software will do the rest.

More content formats

Analog showcases allow only static content. Screens offer the possibility to display videos, animations, and web pages. This increases attention and readers remember your information better.

Solar-powered possible

If you prefer non-moving content in your concept for digital showcases, it is worth considering so-called e-paper displays. You are probably familiar with the principle from e-book readers. These screens consume hardly any power and operate in an ecologically sustainable way using solar batteries.


Another feature where digital showcases really shine is the ability to present interactive content via touchscreen. Get feedback from your readers. Allow your community members to register for events or launch digital polls or elections.

Who are the digital showcases interesting for?

The uses for digital showcases are many and varied. Applications range from screens to inform its readers to interactive glass cases.

Churches and Parish Halls

Churches and community centers benefit from the use of such devices in digital posting. Easily customize content from anywhere. Address church-distanced citizens with your offerings in a modern way and invite them to themed worship services.

City and Tourism

Keep citizens up to date with current information on events, resolutions. Maps and descriptions of places of interest, emergency numbers and shopping places help tourists find their way around.

Kindergartens and Schools

Look boxes for children in public places, always a big topic. A digital showcase in the school or kindergarten provides a one-stop shop for important information and announcements. Show parents and even passing passersby your projects or call for donations.


Menus in digital display cases in front of restaurants are already visible from a distance and attract passers-by into the restaurant with attractive food offerings. Whether as showcases for restaurants or digital menu cards, the applications are versatile.

Companies in general

In today's world, it is important to always present customers with up-to-the-minute information so as not to lose their interest in products. A digital showcase for the outdoor sector helps to better market own products or services and to always inform customers about the latest discount promotions and offers as well as to provide them with current news.

Our Offer for Digital Showcase

We license ready-made and proven software components for your project. In addition, we also integrate your software requirements and develop your custom interactive application.

Short Hardware Guide

So-called all-in-one devices are ideal for digital showcases. In these, similar to a tablet, the media player is integrated into the screen. This means there are fewer cable connections. In our industry, we call this type of device a signboard.

Indoor Totem Schaukasten
A typically Indoor Totem

But also so-called digital signage totems with powerful PCs are suitable. For outdoor devices, be sure to look for the necessary certifications for continuous operation, fire protection and weather resistance. We recommend an IP56 certification.

If you need further information about screens, we will be happy to direct you to our hardware partners.

Our Software for Your Digital Showcases

There are two ways to supply your digital vitrines with content. Via USB stick or via internet. With our software, both methods are possible. However, we recommend the more convenient option via SaaS solution.

The Management Software

Our Digital Signage CMS updates and organizes both: your devices and content. You can try it out immediately and sign up free.

Events can be specified in advance with a time slot at which the information will be played out. There is also the opportunity to display videos or images exactly at certain times. Simply choose the days of the week and the period when the player will display your presentations. With a few clicks, you create appealing content for your showcases.

The Player Software

As a digital signage player, our free garlic-player is recommended. It is remotely maintainable, supports multiple zones, and receives its content both over the Internet and with via a USB stick.

The player software plays automated news tickers, news, videos, web pages and widgets for interactive applications Interval options allow displaying your content every 45min, for example.

Just contact us if you have any questions or programming requests about digital showcase software.

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