Queue Management Systems - Reduce Waiting Times with Digital Signage

Only a few everyday processes feel as annoying as waiting for something. We wait more or less patiently for our turn to go to the authorities, to the doctor, to travel or to other appointments. Waiting in line at checkout counters in supermarkets is not much fun for parents. Especially when the markets mercilessly cover this area with candies. Waiting also has a negative impact on people's behavior.

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Thereby, waiting areas offer unique opportunities to collect plus points with customers or visitors. How useful digital signage is, you can find out here. Finally, we give you an overview of the SmilControl software you will need for implementation.

What does Queue Management System mean?

Foremost, the tasks of a queue management system include shortening waiting times both objectively and subjectively and making them transparent. Transparent means that each person understands why they are waiting and no one feels treated unfairly. Waiting periods can be shortened subjectively by keeping the person waiting engaged.

You found similar use cases in a so called take-a-number-systems at public authorities or banks. There, visitors take a queue ticket and wait until they are called. An efficiently organized checkout area in a supermarket or retail store has only one global queue instead of one in front of each checkout. This is an elegant way to avoid bottlenecks and frustrations due to “the other queue is always faster” when a customer requires more time.

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Include Queue Management Systems in Digital Signage

Digital signage combines perfectly with queue management systems. Instead of a special call system, a digital screen displays the respective number for calling visitors or patients. Patient and customer queue systems can even be set up in a GDPR-compliant manner. The control can be done completely in software.

Advertising displays above the cash registers entertain large and small while offering additional benefits.

What advantages can Digital Signage offer for Queue Management Systems?

Digital signage in queue management systems kills several birds with one stone. On the one hand, you save significant costs, since an inexpensive screen replaces the relatively expensive call system. On the other hand, infotainment programs can run simultaneously on one monitor to entertain and inform those waiting in line. Moreover, it offers companies the opportunity to unobtrusively advertise products and services.

1. Reduce Waiting Periods

Long lines of people in a store do not make a good impression. Nobody likes standing in a line. Some customers even leave a store when they realize that a disorganized crowd is ahead of them. Structuring visitor flows and entertaining those waiting reduces waiting times – both real and perceived.

2. Advertising Space & Product Placement

Engaged people wait more patiently. They will have more time on their hands. Use this elegantly for your in-store marketing. In supermarkets or retail stores, integrate your products into the entertainment program. Use PoS marketing and turn the disadvantages of waiting times into concrete advantages.

3. Satisfied Customers

Nobody likes to wait. Whoever succeeds in making the waiting time as pleasant as possible creates a memorable impression. Happy customers are good customers. They come back, talk about it and recommend your services to others. A good queue management system can score points here.

4. Improving employee Productivity

Great queue management systems organizes crowds. This reduces stress not only for those waiting, but also for employees. They receive less annoyed hostility and have information about the customer before the first contact is made. Satisfied customers and employees: a guarantee for increased productivity.

Queue management System in Spanien
Our partner Sirkom / UEG Mobile handles the queue tickets for this bank

SmilControl-Software for your Queue Management

Every company which faces the problem to use its limited resources in an optimal way comes with its individual requirements. Digital solutions for queue management must be flexible to meet the specific dynamics at each site.

The strengths of SmilControl's software lie in the cooperation and use of free interfaces. We can merge third-party solutions with digital signage. Our widget technology allows integrating, synchronizing and updating third-party applications transparently like an image or video into your screen presentation. It makes no difference whether the display works with Windows, Linux, Androi, or macOS.

Our software is designed for cooperation, so that no one has to reinvent the wheel.

With us, you get the freedom to use a system of your choice or one you have developed yourself. Since our applications support multiple zones, both infotainment and calls run in parallel. Even on multiple screens.

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