SmilControl provides the software for
your successful digital signage concept

You want to create your own digital signage products or services?

Then you have the following opportunities:

You can either develop everything yourself (reinventing the wheel) or make your business model dependent on a single vendor in the long term

We show you the solution to this dilemma!
Use our standardized digital signage components and start your business immediately. Our software is designed to be cooperative!

This allows you to focus on your core competencies, and we flexibly supply you with the technology you need at the moment –  As long as you need it!

The Content Management System CMS

The scalable SmilControl-CMS can be licensed as Enterprise SaaS or as a White Label product.

Visit our reseller page for more information.

The Media Player

You can use tried and tested digital signage media players from different vendors.

Or do you want to operate your own hardware? No problem!
Use our media player. It is named Garlic and is open source.
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And more…

We even have a ready-to-use solution, if you want to operate several devices in a location with weak internet connection.

As a development company we have an open ear for your problems.
Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your specific requirements.