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Standard compatible Applications for Digital Signage

Why standards-based Digital Signage is important for your Business.

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage describes the digital transformation of the billboard and sign industry. In this case, digital screens or projectors replace printed materials. The uses of digital signage are mainly in the field of advertising, information, sales, and entertainment.


Although some claim to have invented the term digital signage as early as the 1970s, the term did not become widespread until the early 1990s. The analog CRT screens of the time became less expensive due to the PC revolution.

It therefore began to be financially worthwhile to use them in more and more fields of application outside classic television or as computer monitors. This trend continued with the triumph of digital screens in the mid-2000s.

As usual with young technologies, there were and are several synonyms such as electronic signage, DooH (Digital Out Of Home), digital advertising network (D.A.N.) Point of Sale (PoS) systems and others. Interactive kiosk systems information and self-service terminals now also count as digital signage.

Meanwhile, not only the term digital signage has consolidated; nowadays thousands of devices are efficiently managed centrally in gigantic networks.

What are the Advantages of Digital Signage?

The four most obvious reasons are:
  1. You change content on a monitor in real time at the touch of a button. Logistics for printing or posting are eliminated.
  2. Your advertising space is better utilized because one monitor displays several “posters” in a row.
  3. Different media formats such as animations and movies can be displayed.
  4. Touch displays enable interactions, feedback, and self-service.

But that's just the Tip of the Iceberg.

Networking and Automation

Digital signage offers two other, in our view, much more significant added values. Namely, networking and automation.

We are in the age of digital transformation.

Networked digital signage solutions can be excellently integrated into almost any digitization concept. Assuming they offer well-thought-out interfaces. The result is your holistic individual solution for advertising, control, communication, and evaluation.

For this to work reasonably, various components and interfaces must work together. This in turn requires standards and a high degree of openness.

At SmilControl, we are committed to doing just that. We rely on openly documented patent-free industry standards. You don't need vows of silence for our products.

Digital Signage with SmilControl: How does it work?

If you want to offer your individual digital signage products or services, you are usually faced with the following choice:

Alternative 1: Develop Everything from Scratch

You develop or commission your software such as CMS, SMIL-Player, and other. Meanwhile, you test different devices, smart TVs, and monitors. In addition, you will build your server structures and develop content and content strategies for your customers. Furthermore, you will take care of sales, marketing, staff, training, support and much more.

You're reinventing the wheel!

  • Until your digital signage solution is ready, it takes a lot of time
  • High investment to create your own technologies and generate domain-specific experience
  • Developing, teaching and maintaining high-maintenance software involves unpredictable risks, responsibilities, and costs

Alternative 2: Find a Full-Service Provider

While you save on development effort, but your digital signage business model becomes dependent on one vendor

You get into a vendor lock-in!

  • You have to take what you're offered.
  • Implementing your specific features will be costly, if at all possible.
  • Combine products from different vendors (content management system, authoring tools, players, etc.), fails lacking compatibility.
  • Own technologies, such as a queue management or customer stopper systems to use, depends on the flexibility of the provider.
    As a rule, it will be difficult.

The Silver Bullet ⇾ SmilControl

We show you the best of both worlds!
Use our standardized signage components and get started right away. Because we design our software for cooperation! Solutions are possible that no other digital signage provider on the market offers.

So, you focus on your core competencies, and we flexibly deliver the particular technology you need.

With our products, you operate your individual digital signage projects with the highest flexibility with the desired components.


You use our products on a license basis. Together with you, we develop a personal offer, tailored to the scope and your individual requirements.

Due to consistent use of SMIL, there are no vendor-locks.


We take care of all our clients individually. We will make sure that there is individual support available for you and assign you a personal contact to get in touch with whenever you require us.

With our experience in the digital signage market, we are ready to support you on the best selection of hardware and infrastructure.


Our focus is on the continuous development of our products, so you can get the best possible value from your digital signage campaign.

With your request, we will flexibly develop your special solutions, if the standard solution is not sufficient.


Scalability is a key factor in our development concepts. Our service-oriented architecture allows you to use all your services together in different ways and combinations. According to your personal requirements.

Product Consulting and Contact

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