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SmilControl provides your Digital Signage Software

Do you want to create your digital signage products or services?

Then you have the following opportunities:

Alternative 1: You Develop Everything from Scratch by Yourself

You conceptualize and program or commission your software such as CMS, players, and authoring tools. Meanwhile, you test different devices, smart TVs, and monitors for your digital signage players. In addition, you will build your server structures and develop content and content strategies for your customers. Furthermore, you will take care of sales, marketing, staff, training, support and much more.

In short: You're reinventing the wheel!


Alternative 2: You Hire a Digital Signage Full-Service Provider

. While you save on development effort, choosing this solution has some concrete disadvantages:

In short again: You get into a vendor lock-in!
This means your digital signage business model becomes dependent on one vendor!

The Silver Bullet ⇾ SmilControl

We show you the best of both worlds!
Use our standardized signage components and get started right away. Because our software is designed for cooperation! Solutions are possible that no other digital signage provider on the market offers.

So, you focus on your core competencies, and we flexibly deliver the particular software technology, that at the moment you need: As long as you need it!

You operate your own digital signage products with our software with the highest flexibility with the desired components.

A Brief Digital Signage Product Info

The Content Management System CMS

You operate the CMS, which specializes in digital signage, with a web browser. The software includes content creation, asset management, device administration and playlist organization in one.

A solid and above all scalable basis to plan your digital signage campaigns, create playback statistics or provide your Customers templates for user-generable content.

You license SmilControl's digital signage CMS as software-as-a-service (SaaS) or as an installable white-label product.

For more information on our content management system, visit CMS features and reseller.

The Media Player

Your signage solution will of course need digital signage players. There are several options here.

Use devices that have been tried and tested over many years from different suppliers.
For example, from our partners IAdea, AiO-Player, QBic Technology and others.

The products are compatible with our digital signage CMS and can be connected ready for use within minutes.

Want to run or take over your own devices? No problem!
Use our player software. It's called Garlic Player. and is free. You have complete transparency and can also actively participate in the development. If you wish.

The investment in your equipment remains secured in any case.

Proxies, Launchers and More ...

We even have solutions ready if you're running multiple players in an environment with a weak Internet connection.

Do you want to convert commercially available Android tablets or smartphones into secure remotely manageable digital signage players? For example, because these devices should play demos at a trade show or in the showcase of a store?

We can do that too! With a simple QR code, by the way. The Android devices do not have to be rooted for this.

As a development company specialized in digital signage, we have an open ear for your problems and wishes.

Contact us with any questions about your specific requirements, devices or products.


You use our software solutions on a license basis. We can offer you a tailor-made product that caters to your needs. Due to consistent use of SMIL there are no vendor-locks.


We take care of all our clients individually. We will take care of your needs and help solve your problems like they’re our own. We will make sure that there is individual support available for you and assign you a personal contact to get in touch with whenever you need us.

With our experience in the digital signage market, we are ready to support you on the best selection of hardware and infrastructure.


Our products are flexible and constantly adapting to new and better technology to make sure that our clients get the most out of their digital signage experience.

If the standard solution is not completely sufficient, we will get together with you to modify and adapt it to suit your needs better. We can develop it especially as a solution to your campaign, too.


Scalability is a key factor in our software development concepts. Our service-oriented Architecture will allow you to use all your services together in different ways and combinations. According to your personal requirements.

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