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A simple platitude for business owners is that if you want to generate more profit, you need to attract more customers to your store and sell your products in large quantities. A digital sandwich board or pavement sign gives you a perfect opportunity to grab the attention of the crowd and lead them to your products.

Find out what advantages digital sandwich boards have and where it makes sense to use them in this article. At the end we show how our software solutions can support you.


Digitaler Kundenstopper
Digital Sandwich Board in a Restaurant

What is a Digital Sandwich Board?

The digital sandwich board is the digital version of the classic folding board. Placed on the sidewalk in front of the store, these advertising boards address the foot traffic. A digital screen completely replaces the blackboard. There are also digital sandwich boards with a classic chalkboard that also integrate a small 15-inch (approx. 38 cm) monitor. The term “sandwich” derivates from human billboards, and Charles Dickens referred to it first.

Digital solutions are an effective marketing tool and have an enormous sales-promoting effect. Moving images and individual content allows you to reach many more people than fixed and boring formats. Therefore, it is not surprising that digital sandwich boards or digital pavement sign replace more and more the hardly noticeable advertising boards.

How weather-resistant are Digital Sandwich Boards?

Digital sandwich boards for covered entrance areas or indoor areas usually support temperatures from 0 to 40 degrees Celsius. Outdoor devices tolerate greater temperature fluctuations, are waterproof and withstand virtually any weather thanks to robust stainless steel back panels. The foot sections are often filled with sand or water for wind resistance.

How long lasts the rechargeable Battery of a Digital Sandwich Board?

Under optimal conditions, the battery of a digital sandwich board lasts up to 15 hours. Regularly, lithium iron phosphate batteries are used. These are typically located in the base of the street stand and provide additional stability due to their weight.

Recharged overnight, the digital customer stopper is ready again in time for the morning opening.

What is the Price of a Digital Sandwich Board?

Solid digital display stands with 40 inch (ca. 102 cm) displays for indoor use or roofing are available for approx. 1200 EUR. The price of a robust rechargeable battery-powered device for outdoor use starts at about, 3500 EUR. Hybrid devices with a chalkboard and an including smaller monitor start at 900 EUR. As a rule, digital advertising stands have a media player with Wi-Fi.

What are the Advantages of a Digital Sandwich Board?

Flexible positioning is one of the most significant advantages of digital advertising displays. The sandwich board stands freely, you can place it anywhere and move it at any time. Furthermore:
  • The digital sandwich board requires no assembly and is ready for immediate use.
  • Raises attention through moving content
  • Eliminates the annoying printing of advertising posters.
  • Rechargeable battery-powered stands allow completely wireless placed in front of the store and attract foot traffic into the store.

The Advantages in Detail

The main task of an entrepreneur working in retail is to acquire customers for his business and to retain them in the long term. The goal here is to keep customers coming to the same seller for similar purchases and not switching to a competitor around the corner. To draw customers' attention to your products, the use of digital customer stoppers has proven effective.

Increased Attention

The modern displays convey powerful messages to your customers. Digital sandwich boards are attention-grabbing advertising media that enable interactive content and a personalized approach. This significantly increases the likelihood of both impulse and additional purchases.

Image and Video content becomes possible

Boring posters are a thing of the past. A digital sandwich board is the absolute hit in the marketing sector and increasingly common in public areas. Digital displays allow you to place dynamic content strategically and time-controlled. This allows you to promote your merchandise efficiently. It also allows you to make complementary offers and build lasting customer loyalty. Pre-designed templates do the job much easier and provide your customers with a professional look and feel.

Content perfectly matched to the Target Group

An emotional appeal to the target group is one of the most important criteria for corporate success. To achieve this, analyze the interests of your target group in detail and incorporate them into the advertising content. When is your target group around the digital sandwich board? Use the timing of advertising and essential information. Address your customers at the right moment.

Centralized Control


Centralized control provides a convenient user experience and allows for straightforward content management. With just a few clicks, you easily update your ads, change content as well as matching motifs to season and use different events. There's no need for complicated design creation with image editing programs or tedious printing. Your wallet and the environment will be happy!

Quick Payback

Another advantage of digital signage is the quick payback. You will recoup the manageable expenses for a digital customer stopper in a short time. New customers, additional sales and targeted advertising enable a significant increase in sales.

Where to use Digital Sandwich Boards?

Digital sandwich boards outdoor or indoor – how you best use the digital displays depends on the locality, premises, and the range of products offered. The modern advertising displays are successfully used both outdoors and indoors. Enjoy the flexibility and address your customers in the right place and at the right time.

Digital Chalkboard
Digital chalkboard from a partner

Digital Pavement Signs Outdoor

At train stations, airports or in the shopping mall – draw attention to your brand in outdoor areas. Showcase current offers, helpful signposts, and generate interest among foot traffic for your products. Digital sandwich boards are best suited for outdoor use due to their weatherproof properties.

Digital Pavement Sign Indoor

In the waiting room, at the cash register or at the entrance – a digital display is an ideal advertising medium for indoor areas. Create attractive indoor ads with the content management system. Give free rein to your creativity. Digital pavement sign offer you many content options. Inspire your customers with interesting product descriptions, product recommendations and tips.

Hotel Industry

Available rooms in guesthouse or hotel? Some attractive excursion destinations nearby? A special evening event? Keep your guests informed with easily changeable content on digital displays. Real-time updates ensure that all important information reaches customers on time.


Retail stores of all sizes benefit from the flexible use of digital sandwich boards. You display information dynamically and individually, as well as daily. Draw your customers' attention to influential topics and offers. Digital Signage is perfect for the retail industry.


In restaurants, digital chalkboards offer a professional presentation of menu cards, daily specials or organizational notices directly in the entrance area or at the service counter.

City Centers

City centers invite many people to the store with their diverse shopping opportunities. Great opportunities for customer acquisition? Well, not necessarily. After all, standing out among a multitude of stores is no easy task. With a digital sandwich board, you attract the eyes of passers-by to your store and catch their attention to your products.

Our offer for your Digital Sandwich Board

SmilControl provides you with software to manage single or even thousands of digital pavement sign units distributed worldwide.

Hardware and Media Player

You have two options for this:

  1. Use field-proven media players from one of our hardware partners.
  2. Or you purchase any sandwich boards with Android, Windows, or Linux and use it with the free Garlic-Player. Of course, you get support, advice and possible customization from us.

The Garlic player plays numerous media formats and so-called widgets. Content transfer is possible via the Internet as well as via USB stick.

There also exists the opportunity to brand advertising boards to your brand for resale.

Device and Content-Management

If you decide in favor of a networked solution, our Digital Signage CMS meets all the requirements of an asset, control, and content management system. This allows you to comfortably administer even large networks and hierarchies in a franchise structure.


If you plan to refinance your installation through local advertising, logs and reports will help you generate playback statistics for your advertisers. Group your devices into statistics groups to create regional or national playback statistics, display as a chart, or download for your Excel reports.

Openness, transparency, and the power of control over your data without gagging contracts are important for us. Furthermore, there is also the opportunity to resellers distribute digital signage products with minimal effort.

Do you want your employees or customers to create and publish a quote for your display stands? We offer you pre-made templates where you only have to enter the price, product and possibly the running times. Knowledge in complex image editing software becomes unnecessary.

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