Trade Show Displays

What are Trade Show Displays?

Trade show displays describe screens with a focus on trade fairs, roadshows, and exhibitions. These include indoor digital signage totems, projectors, video walls, so-called customer stoppers, advertising pillars, or large information terminals of the trade fair operator.

Display at a Trade Show Passage
Display on a Trade Show

The goal of any trade show booth is to attract visitors through eye-catching presentations. The aim is to position oneself as an innovation leader.

Trade show displays look chic and offer brilliant high-luminosity images. Eye-catching and sophisticated design is paramount. Transparent bendable OLED displays or projectors skillfully showcase your trade show booth.

At the same time, trade show displays have greater robustness and luminosity. Their content reads well even in daylight and the devices are used multiple times.

Advantages of Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Games

Whether it's a simple wheel of fortune, memory or darts, or an event game customized to your product. Leave a lasting impression by entertaining and informing your guests at the same time. Make sure your product and booth stand out and have other things to offer besides presentation.


Expand your info terminal to a kiosk system with self-service functions. This will relieve your staff and free them up for more important things.

Demonstrate Products Virtually

Take all the products and services you want to sell to your booth. Digitally, of course! This way, your sales department presents flexible at any time and without any waiting time.

You waste many sales potential if your visitors have to wait until the presentation tools are available or VR glasses are free.

Augmented Reality

With a transparent touch screen or a beamer, objects can be combined with a virtual and interactive information layer. Either as a signpost or as a flexible exchangeable control element. For example, elevator floors, exhibition hall description, etc. This increases visitor satisfaction and the image of the trade fair location.


Posters and billboards are bulky and used only once. Digital trade show displays are the solution. They are energy-efficient, can be used multiple times and are very durable thanks to their robust construction. The high flexibility therefore offers an enormous advantage in terms of sustainability.

Use Cases for Trade Show Displays

Display Rental Companies

Benefit from the flexibility of your "billboards". Screens adapt to any corporate design and theme. Durable fail-safe equipment - for example, transportable video screens - guarantee continuous revenue and satisfaction for your tenants and ensure a good first impression.

Cultural events

As an event organizer, you also benefit from the advantages of a digital signage solution. Adapt the content of your displays flexibly to the respective event. Let all spectators participate in what is happening on stage through large LED screens.

Visitors are interested in current and upcoming promotions. Place displays at key points. In the foyer, parking garage and restrooms. 24-hour ticket sales via info terminal with payment and immediate printing by an integrated ticket printer? Why not?

Exhibition Organizers

Help your visitors and exhibitors find each other and offer solutions. Place stands and info terminals at hall entrances, elevators or escalators.

There, visitors can orient themselves independently and find their destinations in no time at all. Give your guests the opportunity to download overview maps via Bluetooth, NFC or QR code.


Welcome the audience with a digital customer stopper. Build dynamic playlists that provide interested eyes with new information every second. Forget bulky one-time-only posters or billboards with their high costs.

Digital signage displays are designed for long-term use, making them both financially and environmentally sustainable.

Our Offer for Trade Show Displays

The choice of displays for trade shows depends, of course, strongly on the particular application. Multi-touch video wall, projector, transparent display, holographic projections or the classic stand are all possible candidates. The media player can either be integrated into the screen or an external PC. We call the first a signboard or all-in-one device.

No matter what you need. With the Garlic Player, you are always on the safe side. That's because it runs platform-independently with Android, Windows, Linux, and macOS.

In addition, it can be "fueled" with content via the network or manually through a data carrier. Network here can of course mean both the Internet and the intranet of your exhibition stand.

The SmilControl CMS also supports you in the case of a manual content update, for example, via USB stick. Compile the content in a playlist on the CMS and then download it conveniently to your data carrier.

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