Corporate Digital Signage

Regardless of what industry your corporate is in, first impressions count. With corporate digital signage, you can leave a lasting memory with visitors and business partners. You have to inform the target audience quickly.

Corporate Digital Signage

Older methods of publishing information on analog print media, such as posters or boards, are still effective, but they are becoming increasingly expensive and are no longer maintaining the spirit of the times.

How do you reach your consumers with relevant messages in a targeted and efficient way and create a positive image for your business? You can learn about the benefits of digital signage in corporate communications in this article.

How can your Corporate use Digital Signage?

Corporate digital signage is a good way to tell visitors and business partners about the specialties and benefits of your business. You create dynamic and impactful content for your visitors while saving time and money. Professional digital video panels in the lobby or conference rooms convince customers, strengthen corporate culture, inform and bring teams together.

Messages can be consistently communicated in a variety of ways using digital signage. With digital signage in the entrance area (foyer, lobby), you create and manage information easily. These increases brand awareness and informs potential customers about additional promotions or buying benefits.

#1 Welcome messages at the reception desk

Would you like a personal welcome on a large video wall? With the right digital signage screens at the reception, you can welcome your visitors in a big way and also provide them initial information about your company.

With modern corporate digital signage solutions, it's easy to update daily company information on digital whiteboards or highlight a team's achievements. Highlighting special successes strengthens the first impression and also employee camaraderie.

#2 Digital Information Panels

Information for visitors, employees, and business partners needs to be up-to-date. Otherwise, it becomes worthless. This becomes a piece of cake with an info display.

Ensure the effectiveness of your internal communication by informing visitors about upcoming events or new products on a digital information board. You could also use information boards to direct visitors to the conference room.

With the right software, you can update content as often as you want. The greatest advantages of corporate communication with digital signage are high flexibility, plannability and location independence.

#3 Digital Door Signs

Today, the use of digital door signs is also widespread, which is most often encountered at convention hotels, office buildings and conference zones.

Thanks to smart sensor technology and networking, digital door signs are true all-rounders. They present employees and visitors with all the important information about planned events on interactive LED displays.

They act as signposts for visitors and even provide support with automated room bookings.

#4 Project Overview & Status

Digital signage integrates excellently, not only in the lobby or in the employee restaurant. The info boards can also show internal corporate projects. With suitable software, you use the screens simply as a project overview and status query.

More possible Applications

Other uses of digital signage in your company include:

  • Queue management
  • Welcome views
  • Daily site news
  • Event notifications
  • Tracking of daily targets
  • Project status information
  • Success visualization
  • News on Social Media channels
  • Scheduling of employees
  • Interesting facts

What are the advantages of Corporate Digital Signage

The use of corporate digital signage is very broad and offers a wealth of different benefits, such as process automation and real-time information. Furthermore, screens communicate a more modern look and feel, increase attention and boost employee productivity.

Real-time information

Digital signage technology plays to its advantages by displaying any content, regardless of time or location, on networked display devices within corporate boundaries.

Networked digital info boards present important messages to staff, such as site news, emergency plans or executive board notices. Combined with real-time information, corporate digital signage solutions provide powerful tools that keep your workforce up to date.

Automated Processes

Digital signage systems are a smart way to deliver information to the right place and to the target audience. An important advantage of these systems is in, the dynamics of the individual information. Depending on the time of day or the specifics of the events taking place, they can be automatically adjusted.

In a staff restaurant or café, for example, the displays show a breakfast menu until a certain time, and from noon on, dishes from the lunch menu appear there.

Interactive display monitors that present content to employees when they are nearby or ask for their feedback are also conceivable.

Increased Employee Productivity

Thanks to digital signage, internal information becomes much easier to convey than printing out or sending countless e-mails. In addition, dynamic content remains in the memory much better than conventional information transfer.

Employees benefit directly from the increase in knowledge. Studies show that good internal communication increases employee productivity by 25%.

Increased Attention

Increase your employees' attention by displaying important breaking news via digital message boards. After all, messages can easily get lost in your employees' inboxes, Slack, MS Teams or even the corporate intranet.

For broadcasting crucial information that everyone should see, digital signage video walls are a snappy and effective way to go. Especially for the staff without a screen workstation.

Professional appearance

Using digital signage video screens in offices or production facilities is not only a very effective method of communicating with staff. Digital display devices also have a very positive effect on your business partners and visitors and testify to a professional appearance of your company.

Which Digital Signage solutions are available for Corporations?

The following solutions are particularly suited for improving corporate communications with digital signage:
  • Digital advertising displays
  • In-store Marketing
  • Digital Signs
  • Signage Totems
  • Digitale door signs
  • Video Walls
  • Digital bulletin boards

For the solutions listed, SmilControl's Digital Signage Software helps you implement them with unique freedoms.


Corporate digital signage is an excellent way to make your company look and sound better. We looked at the individual advantages in detail in this article. Whether this is to produce marketing success, or whether it is to increase the productivity of the respective team, is completely irrelevant. Due to the flexible design with digital signage, your company can pursue and realize different goals. Simply unbeatable.


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