Digital Signage Hardware

Find out what opportunities exist and how our solutions make your projects more independent as well as future-proof.

You can buy digital signage hardware that are compatible with SmilControl from partner companies. Our solutions rely on the SMIL standard, so they are compatible with several manufacturers. As software specialists, we regularly do not sell any hardware ourselves. However, we will help you with the selection and support you if you want to use or distribute your devices.

In this category, you will learn the following:

  1. Which hardware partners sell SmilControl-compatible hardware that you can use immediately.
  2. DIY instructions to build SMIL compatible devices with our software.

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What is Digital Signage Hardware?

We define digital signage hardware primarily as media players and the connected display devices such as monitors, projectors, or LED panels. Integrated devices are named Signboards or All-In-One. If they have a more complex structure and are also standalone, we call them totems.

Media Payer

Media players are small computers that run an operating system such as Android, Windows, or Linux with a special player software. You will also find the device class as well as the software under the term Digital Signage Player.

Display Devices

Professional display devices for digital signage are not comparable to PC monitors, projectors or TVs for home use. As digital signage hardware, they operate constantly, often 24/7, and shine especially brightly. Outdoors devices withstand even strong temperature differences and stand up to a wide range of weather conditions. Naturally, this is reflected in the price. The guide for advertising monitors gives you detailed tips on making a good buying decision.

Signboards & Totems

The classic installation involves connecting the media player or PC to a monitor. In public operation, this results in some disadvantages because these installations require multiple cabling and power connections. These can be accidentally or intentionally torn off.


For mobile devices that are used at events or as trade show displays, transport as well as setup and dismantling are also complicated. Sometimes there is also not enough space for external devices in a wall installation. That's why the media player moved into the monitor housing, just like a tablet. The so-called Signboard was born.


Another challenge arises with standalone devices such as digital sandwich boards and devices that require themselves to stand on their own. Outdoors devices sometimes also have elaborate air-conditioning. For this purpose, there we use more or less big totems.

LED Panels

LED screens or video walls are an integral part of sports events, public viewing or concerts. They will often be used for live broadcasting. LED screens are made up of several LED panels.

Partner for Digital Signage Hardware

Our hardware partners provide you with compatible hardware or complete packages on which our software is pre-installed. You can start immediately with these products.

DIY Hardware

Some companies wish to implement the hardware sales on their own or even sell their own full-service solutions. In such cases, you install our media player software and get professional support in the form of maintenance contracts from us.


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