Digital Signage Software – Is that complicated?

Digital signage is easier than ever. Accelerate the development of your digital signage with our specialized software.

That's how SmilControl's Software Solutions works

For the SmilControl-CMS as web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) you only need an up-to-date web browser.

To be able to play your content on a screen, you need a SMIL-compatible Digital Signage Player and a display. Devices that fulfill this standard are available in different versions with very specific adaptations for digital signage.

Depending on the requirements of your campaign and the required playing surface, you choose the optimal device. There are media players that enable high resolution (UHD/4K/8K) and are designed for robust working environments. Also you can get systmsm, which can be flexibly plugged together to form large screens.

Moreover, Garlic was released to add to this mix. Garlic Player is an fre player that runs on multiple operating systems – Windows, Linux, Android. To save expenses, you can use small, single-board computers or just use Garlic to run a digital signage player from your PC for testing.

Digital Signage the easy way

To start off, you can register your player to SmilControl with your transfer code which appears on the screen when connected with CMS. Using this code, you will activate your device, and it will appear on the system where the administrator can easily operate or load content.

Example Playlist
Example Playlist

You can create a new playlist using drag’n’drop and maneuver images and videos into that playlist.

On the same way you will choose from the available templates and channels-feeds and determine the playing time of each media.

Or you can create your own templates, conveniently store your own data sources such as RSS feeds and generate your own channel.

Once done with the playlist, you can adjust its user access with a couple of clicks.

Digital signage software does not have to be complicated.

The Features of the SmilControl-CMS

To know what you’re getting into, here is a list of the standard features that SmilControl CMS offers you for your digital signage project. Moreover, there are additional features available on our reseller page, for larger projects.

Media Content

Media (images, videos, documents) can be conveniently uploaded with dr-and-drop to the server using your web browser and managed via a central media pool. Videos and images can be converted online. You simply add them to your playlist also via drag-and-drop.

In addition, you can also use our digital signage software to send external content such as livestreams to the playback devices or display websites. Of course, this also works in 4K, 8K or more.

Media Pool
Media pool

Playlists Management

You need to display one playlist during your opening hours and a separate one outside the business hours?

Or would you like to play a special playlist on individual weekdays?

Schedule Weekdays
Weekdays Scheduler

This can be configured in a comfortable and easy way with SmilControl CMS. You do not have to worry about anything else.

For a more efficient organization, playlists can also be nested inside other playlists. So contents can be reused in different playlists without creating them each time from scratch.

Dynamic content

SmilControl helps you keep your information up-to-date.

You can link dynamic content from news feed, etc. to your template and it will change dynamically and stay up-to-date.

The SmilControl-CMS combines the information into channel subscriptions automatically. Channels can be added to your playlist like other media. These are updated independently several times a day.

Multiple Zones

One of the best things about SMIL media players is the ability to split the screen into several zones and play them separately.

For example, you can define a large information area and assign it to a playlist. At the same time you configure a smaller area in which another playlist runs.

With Multizones, in combination with WebWidgets, you can implement feed-driven solutions for news ticker tickers in no time.

All you need to do is define space and specifications for those playlists in the playlist management area and assign playlists to each zone. A digital advertising space will be used to its full potential.

Example for a Multizone
Multi Zone Example

Each zone accepts any content. Then, your digital signage screen plays multiple, images, videos or lifestreams at the same time.

Localized Content

Sometime content is localized. For example a weather forecast.

Just add the location in the CMS, and it will adjust the regional content accordingly to the media player.

You only need one playlist to display the different local weather on all devices.

Templates Content

User-friendly templates increase productivity and spontaneity. Template users create engaging offers, event announcements or other contents within minutes and bring them to their digital signage screens. Without Photoshop or HTML knowledge and most importantly: without the risk of destroying anything. Is it raining right now? Promote umbrellas on the fly!

Of course you can use our standard templates for your playlist content.

Templateeditor for User
Edit Templates

But you will certainly want to create your own templates specifically for your target audience.

You or a service provider will create the templates based on SVG1.2 or HTML5. Only the digital signage hardware determines the limit. Our software players render even elaborately built 3D web pages and Javascript like every web browsers.

With the SmilControl CMS you deposit templates for so-called user-generated content. Your employees or customers can use these as described above.

But templates can do even more! Combine them with an RSS or Atom feed and create a so-called Kanäl. The SmilControl CMS updates feeds several times a day and then regenerates the channels. Now you get without further zutun, automatically daily updated content for your digital signage screens.

This gives you maximum flexibility for your personalizable content and campaigns.

Custom Applications with WebWidgets

WebWidgets include web applications which the digital signage player runs locally on device. Running complex and interactive applications securely on your screens represents the upper class of digital signage solutions.
For example, for:

  • Customer stoppers
  • Call-up systems for patients, customers or visitors
  • Signage for meetings
  • Way-Routing systems
  • Timetables
  • Individualizable weather or newsapps controlled with feeds
  • Interactive product configurators e.g. for automobiles
  • Signage with room planners with Google or Exchange interface
  • Social media apps
  • etc

Whatever you need specific to your project or target group.

Widgets, unlike web pages, work in principle without an internet connection. Schedule them into your playlists like a normal image or video media. Since the applications run locally, they are very secure and extremely difficult to hack.

Widgets are based on standards like HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. You create widgets like web pages. There is no need for expensive developer tools, awkward non-disclosure agreements for documentation, or extensive training. Any web or front-end developer can create widget applications.

Set your digital signage solution apart from your competitors with cost-effective customizations.

Monitoring, Reporting and Statistics

Do you also want to know which content was played on which screen and when

The CMS shows whether your devices are currently online. With the help of the reporting functionality, playback protocols can be displayed and exported in CSV format.

These can then be further processed with a spreadsheet or database to create your personal playback statistics from you or your employees.
However, you can also use and download our playback statistics with freely adjustable time period and easy-to-read cake chart with your web browser.

Reports and Play Statistics
Reports and Play-Statistics

Furthermore, system and inventory reports help to monitor the health of your device.

Access Rights Management

In case you want to manage your employees’ access to your device, we have a built-in rights system to help out with that. You can specify processing modular rights and user accesses for each employee.

For instance, you can separately manage access rights for employees who will display and maintain your content from the users who serve their players.

You can even go another step ahead and appoint administrators to assign rights to other employees, grant permissions to templates, sources, playlists, etc. as needed.


Is there anything else that you might need from this deal? A special solution for your content? Or your data sources?

That is exactly what we are here for, and more! If we work together, we can find a digital signage solution that works for you and integrate your contents into the system to make it more convenient and efficient for you.

Why Digital Signage with SmilControl-Software?

SmilControl-Software wins the benefits game when you compare it to other solutions and here are the reasons why.

But what exactly are we doing differently?

Standardized Technique

We rely on free and open industry standards such as SMIL and HTML5.
This gives you comfortable room to choose the digital signage hardware, software and platform of your choice.

Future-proof and Independent

We care about open source software and the thinking behind it. That means we not only use open source software ourselves, but we also publish software as open source.

For you, this means future and investment security! Public source code ensures the highest possible transparency.

We consider transparency essential, especially in the rather intransparent digital signage market. We dislike oppressive contracts, black-boxes, mysteries interfaces or protocols, and vendor lock-ins.

It's not about no cost, it's about freedom. Your freedom to choose what exactly you want to use from our services!

For example, you can access various signage player hardware from other manufacturers or use our player software on a wide variety of platforms and devices.

You will find this freedom and transparency very rarely in the signage market.

Experience generates competence

The SmilControl CMS is primarily based on a content management system that has been on the market considering 2003 and has been continuously developed for a while now. The CMS is therefore examined, strong, scalable and also very flexible.

Since 2011, we had been focusing on the digital signage market and are continuously enhancing our software keeping our clients’ needs in mind.

With all this experience under our belt, we can provide consultation to you in all technical aspects of your digital signage commercial enterprise.

A small selection of industries in which we have already been able to help our customers:

  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Theaters
  • Gastronomy
  • Retail (department stores, fashion boutiques)
  • Tourism/Leisure
  • Cable TV operators
  • Banks
  • Inhouse information solution (Inhouse TV)
  • Mobile phone operators
  • Office equipment


We understand how important it is that your data remains safe and secure. This is why we use encrypted communication and protocol, keeping our security standards up-to-date and do not take unnecessary risks with uncertified data centers.

Our server locations in Germany ensure strict European-standard data protection.


We are living in times when things are changing very rapidly, especially in the field of technology.

This is why it is important for a company like us to grow with the technological world and adapt to the changing needs of our customers.

If you have needs which you cannot find in our software, all you need to do is contact us, and we will cater to those needs.

Our promise!

First and foremost, we assure you that SmilControl software will feel like second nature to you, once you start using it. We believe in making our products as user-friendly as possible. It takes barely 15 minutes for someone with no training whatsoever to make via drag-and-drop their playlist for the very first time in our CMS. To get on to the more complex tasks, all you need to do is explore a little, and you will get the hang of it in no time.

Give it a try and get in touch with us. To help make our project successful, we will make sure that you get the best out of it possible.

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