White Label Digital Signage for Reseller

Our white label software solutions are ideal for resellers and enterprises. Integrate the SmilControl CMS in your corporate design seamlessly into your portfolio. Or brand our media player on your digital signage hardware.

Digital Signage White-label Reseller

Towards a great partnership

  • You are a system integrator or advertising marketer?
  • You need digital signage software, but are afraid of the effort involved in developing your own software?
  • You have looked around the market, but the systems on offer are not flexible enough for your needs and leave you hardly any freedom?

We provide you with a full-fledged Reseller solution:

How to become a Reseller for Digital Signage?

To become a reseller of digital signage products, you require technical and sales expertise in your company. You will obtain software, server architecture (SaaS or dedicated) and professional expertise. From this, you put together your individual solution, use it for your projects or distribute it under your name.

What Advantages get a Digital Signage Reseller?

Resellers start their projects immediately thanks to the ready-to-use solutions. They benefit from the expertise of the licensor and can focus on their core business. Resellers receive rights to create, manage and bill their own users. In addition, they have the opportunity to create individual added value exclusively for their customers or projects through templates, channels, vouchers, etc.

Reseller Features

White Label with Corporate Design

SmilControl CMS was designed as a white-label product. You use the CMS completely in your design and layout. Together with a domain of your choice, “your individual SmilControl” integrates seamlessly into your product portfolio.

Samples of our customers:

Examples from our Reseller Customers

Reseller Pharmatechnik ApoTv Reseller
Pharmatechnik — ApoTv CD
Reseller 4DMagic
4D Magic CD
Reseller TvDent-CI
TvDent CD

Multi-client Capability

SmilControl-CMS is multi-client-friendly. It allows customers and content not to mix up. In addition to that, you manage all your customers separately without having to go to a lot of trouble.

You got to choose the perfect templates for your customers, grant access to different users and chose who gets access to what content.

If you proceed, it’s especially easy to provide exceptional content, channels or feeds to your customers.

License management

The flexible license management supports you in billing your customers correctly. Create or renew licenses and get a filtered overview at the push of a button. If required, export this in CSV format to create an individual invoice for each customer. Enter the necessary information and prices directly in the respective license.

Since every license expires at some point: Use the automatic renewal or be informed in time by e-mail when licenses expire. Through our license management, you have your accounting under control at all times.


  • Would you like to distribute vouchers for a four-week or three-month trial license at events or trade fairs?
  • Does a customer want to buy multiple licenses at once, but not use them immediately?

With our voucher module, SmilControl CMS offers the opportunity to generate vouchers for special promotions, special campaigns and more. Each license has a unique code and a period for redemption.

As soon as someone uses the voucher code, you'll know. Measure the success of your campaign with this KPI.

Player groups

Organization and clarity play a significant role, especially in large digital signage networks. Group your players in the SmilControl CMS to more efficiently update software or perform other tasks.

Statistics groups represent a popular reason for groupings. Here, the playback statistics of several players are combined. This allows you to determine how often a spot was displayed in a particular region. The interactive pie chart gives you a quick overview.

Player Statistic Group
Player Statistic Group

Would you like to use your in-house analysis tools? No problem — we build on transparency! Both the evaluation and the raw data can be exported in a CSV format as standard if required.

Hierarchical User ACLs

Do you want to assign different tasks to multiple employees or customers?

As soon as you manage your digital signage project with various employees, our rights' system supports you. You assign each user-specific editing rights per module. Your employee should edit playlists, but not manage players? That is possible.

You also have the option of appointing administrators who assign rights to your other employees. The rights' management is so finely granulated that you can even assign permissions to individual templates, sources, such as feeds or playlists, if required.


In addition to all this, SmilControl offers more reseller features.

For instance, you can limit your content on playlists. After you're done compiling a playlist for your customer, you can set a time limit on it, and your customer will only be able to modify that playlist up until the time that you have allowed him to manipulate.

This feature is especially helpful for distributing ad-supported programs.


If you are interested in a reseller solution, you can contact us whenever you want.

We have our roots in this sector, and we be able to support you in the implementation of your enterprise. Together we can build a creative and sustainable experience for your customers.


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