7 Top Digital Signage Industries

The operational areas for digital signage are multifaceted. The applications range from product advertising, kiosk systems and PoS to monitors for product advertising.

Signage for Industries

Due to ever faster product life cycles and the development of new products, consumer behavior constantly changes. It forces companies to look for new communication channels with customers and try out new digital technologies.

Find out in this section how different industries use digital signage, what benefits it offers, and how our content management software can meet your needs.


A standards-based DS solution across the entire hospital area not only simplifies system implementation. It also saves costs through synergy effects and low maintenance due to uniform software and hardware equipment.

Healthcare Industry.


Our flexible software enables a targeted and daily updated customer approach. This way, your customers feel they are being met at eye level. This creates an emotional connection with the customer, which promotes loyalty. Address online-affine target groups through new techniques.

Bank Industry


With digital signage solutions, you improve the quality of service in catering establishments. This leads to more customer loyalty and regular guests. Reduced paperwork also creates fewer misunderstandings. Digitalization simplifies reporting and helps optimize purchasing and the use of goods.

Restaurant Industry


Digital displays ensure your guests get the best experience. In addition to increasing efficiency, improving service quality and reducing staff workload, our software helps inform, break down language barriers and entertain guests.

Hotel Industry


Digital signage in pharmacies expands digital structures, increases efficiency, improves service quality and relieves employees. Spontaneous offers increase sales in the OTC section.

Pharmacy Industry


Retailers benefit immensely from digital signage solutions. Especially here, it is a matter of presenting shopping experiences and oneself in an eye-catching way. The central themes are to increase sale, to inspire walk-in customers, and to maximize efficiency as well as profits with Smart Retail techniques.

Retail Industry

Companies & Enterprises

Bring visitors and business partners closer to the advantages and special features of your company with digital signage. Strengthen the corporate culture, inform and connect teams.

Companies & Enterprises


More and more areas of digital technology are influenced by the rapid development. Digital presentation of history enables you to anticipate the future. Digital signage offers your visitors an unforgettable experience as well as the opportunity to embark on an interactive journey through history.



The grocery store is an ideal place to think about digital signage. People come to the store to buy something or to check it out. It's a great occasion to showcase your products and appeal to your target audience. So offer a clear added value compared to online shopping.

Grocery Industry


Time is money — that's the slogan all too familiar from the business world. It's the same with advertising — the faster the advertising content reaches customers, the better it is for selling goods or sharing of information.

The best way to place advertising in public areas is on display boards and info monitors that we are all familiar with. Our life is surrounded by them — small, medium or huge digital scoreboards, with or without touch function.


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