Digital Signage for Museums

The rapid development of digital technologies is affecting more and more areas of application. Museums are no exception. Digital signage for museums is a great way to preserve the history of time and experience progress at the same time. Digital signage allows your visitors not only to have an unforgettable experience, but also to embark on an interactive journey through history.

Digital Signage for Museums

What solutions exist for Digital Signage in Museums

Museums use two types of solutions. Outside, digital boards welcome visitors and interactive terminals provide an overview of the exhibition. Inside, digital way-finding systems help with orientation, and at the exhibits, digital info boards satisfy any thirst for knowledge.

The possibilities of digital signage displays are almost limitless. So let's take a closer look at the most important solutions.

Outdoor Solutions

The application opportunities of digital signage are enormously diverse. In the outdoor area, the weatherproof, digital displays enable an ideal presentation of desired content. They offer space for advertising, appeal to many potential visitors, and increase interest for a museum visit.


Digital Visitor Welcome

Show your visitors how valuable they are. A digital visitor greeting supports you in this. Matching the exhibition, season or a specific theme – with digital signage and appropriate software, you create a creative and individual welcome on digital boards. Flexible content enables a personal address that brings a smile to your customers' faces.

Interactive Visitor Information

With interactive digital signage solutions, you inform your visitors about current exhibitions, special exhibits including additional information, attractive price, or group offers. Public Info-Displays not only attract the attention of visitors. They enable targeted communication and an enormous image enhancement.

Indoor Solutions

Digital signage also offers a wide range of applications indoors. Among the most popular are digital way-finding systems and info boards.

Digital Way-finding Systems

Digital way finding systems help your visitors find their way around the museum. Show your visitors where to go, charmingly, of course.

Digital Info boards

On digital info boards, visitors can not only obtain detailed information about specific exhibits, but also watch videos and presentations about them. Dynamic content creates the effect of being live at an important historical event.


With interactive displays and virtual reality, the museum visitor gets a significantly enhanced exhibition experience. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, useful information presents itself appealingly and provides visitors with virtual experiments and even games.

What advantages has Digital Signage for Museums?

Digital signage enhances the perception of information and promotes interest in history and art. Through digital displays, visitors access extended information or any thematic collection. Multimedia optimizes the reception of the content and makes the exhibition more vivid, spectacular as well as memorable.

You can also look forward to satisfied visitors, daily information flow and high attention. Visitors are involved and actively participate in the exhibition. The interaction creates an emotional component.

Satisfied Visitors

Meanwhile, many museum visitors no longer like to follow a guide. Especially for young people, digital entertainment plays an important role. They don't want information that follows a strict and academic format. Thanks to modern multimedia technologies, museums establish a feedback loop with visitors and inspire in them a strong interest in science, art or historical events.

By using digital signage displays, you make the museum more interesting. This ensures satisfied visitors who always want to experience exciting exhibitions in the museum.

Daily Visitor Address

Another advantage of digital signage in the museum is the possibility of addressing visitors daily. Whether current themed exhibitions, extended opening hours or exciting craft activities – inform your visitors quickly and easily on digital displays.

Higher Attention

Colorful and moving images capture visitors' attention. In addition, interactive content changes the boundaries of visual perception and immerses the audience in a historical context. By interacting with objects, the visitor assumes the position of a researcher rather than a passive observer.

Immersion through Interactivity

Interactive digital signage displays for museums blur the line between visitor and exhibit and immerse visitors in history.


Thanks to digital signage, museum visits raise to a whole new level. In addition to better prepared visitor information, a daily updated address and the resulting increased attention, there are also advantages for museum operators in terms of efficiency and staff relief. How you integrate digital signage into your museum is up to you. The possibilities are more diverse than they seem at first glance.


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