Digital Signage PoW: Opportunities at the Point of Wait

At the check-out, in a doctor's office, or at government offices – waiting times are a regular occurrence in just about every area. We will show you how to successfully use waiting areas to attract regular customers and provide your customers with an eventful waiting time.

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What is the Point of Wait?

The place where it is unavoidable for customers to have to wait is called a point of wait. Even if these places are perceived as unpleasant, they open up many opportunities to build sustainable customer loyalty.

It is not only annoying, but also negatively and sustainably influences the behavior of customers or visitors. This does not have to be! Offer your customers a unique shopping experience with digital signage at the PoW and increase their satisfaction.

What are the Opportunities at the Point of Wait?

Info boards, interactive touch monitors, digital advertising systems – there are a variety of digital signage PoW solutions. They not only shorten the perceived waiting time, but at the same time offer traders an effective and cost-efficient advertising space.

Promote Products in a Targeted Manner

The power of the dynamic image makes digital signage an ideal marketing measure. Thanks to individual content, you promote your products and ensure more sales. In addition, targeted advertising allows for quick and easy adaptation to the time of day, target group as well as locality.

Shorten the felt Waiting Time

One minute is not the same as one minute. Sometimes 10 minutes feel like an eternity, and occasionally, they fly by. The situational perception depends predominantly on the attention that is focused on a certain object or situation. Through content on digital screens, you capture the attention of your customers and significantly shorten their perceived waiting time.

Successful interplay of Advertising and Ambience

Through personal and color-matched displays, you create a pleasant ambience and thus a positive link to your products. The customer is thus permanently positively conditioned and wants to experience the pleasant shopping experience again and again.

Which Role Does Digital Signage play at PoW?

Fixed posters only generate a low level of interest. Moving images, on the other hand, offer the viewer many visual stimuli and capture his visual attention. You can use Digital signage not only to advertise the products on offer. It is also ideal for queue management.

Satisfied Customers / Visitors

The use of digital signage at the point of wait minimizes the felt waiting time, provides entertainment, and thus promotes customer satisfaction.

Satisfaction through Queue Management

In queue management, digital signage fulfills several important functions. Digital content can be shared in seconds, providing customers with up-to-date information at all times. In addition, the perceived waiting time is significantly reduced, and the digital call option provides more order and structure in the waiting area. This not only has a positive impact on customer satisfaction, the cost factor is also significantly lower than with a conventional call system.

Increasing spontaneous Purchases through better In-Store Marketing

In-store marketing offers you additional opportunities to increase spontaneous purchases. Digital screens allow you to display products from the core, marginal or additional assortments and stimulate the customer to buy more products.

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