Patient Queue System

Thanks to Einstein's special theory of relativity, we know that a patient's waiting time can be shortened in real terms by time dilation if he moves around the doctor at the speed of light. But since even several solar systems would not have enough energy to accelerate an inpatient patient to warp speed, we need alternative solutions.

Hospital Waiting Room
Hospital waiting room with monitors

What are the benefits of a Patient Queue System?

A modern patient queue system not only shortens the felt waiting time, but also increases efficiency and optimizes processes. The digitization helps to inform patients. So, they can book additional services at the same time by themselves.

Shortening the perceived Waiting Time

Patient queue systems reduce perceived waiting time based on two factors. They make the waiting process transparent, and they entertain those waiting. Introduce your staff on the screens and show information, news, cartoons as well as short clips.

Self Advertisement

Of course, advertising for other medical services can be elegantly integrated into the infotainment program. This also increases your sales.

Reduce Stress

Optimizing treatment processes and reducing perceived waiting times is a great way to lower stress levels. Both for patients and for your employees.


Display statistical evaluations for specific periods, diagnostic slots, and tickets issued with ease. Optimize your processes based on the statistics.

More advantages through Digitalization

The digitalization of queue management results in several additional benefits.

  • Multilingual calls
  • Calculation of the average waiting time
  • Integrating patient smartphones
  • Emergency function alarm button
  • and more

How does a privacy-compliant Patient Queue System work?

The registration registers the patient and assigns him a number. A patient call system guides the patients themselves through various diagnostic steps as reliably and in compliance with data protection regulations as required by the GDPR.

Simple Patient Call

This is usually handled in doctors' offices. The patient gets a number at the reception desk. A display shows this number as soon as it is his turn. This can also take place via SMS, messenger, or push notification using an app.

Modular Systems

In hospitals, medical centers or larger group practices, a patient may go through multiple areas. He goes to radiology, ultrasound, has an EKG, EEG, etc., and may also talk to various specialists.

With a modular system of multiple components and patient flow management, multiple call areas can be implemented elegantly.

The Components

A patient queue system typically contains three components.

  1. Manual number assignment or via printer totem:
    This is regularly performed in the Health area in the traditional way when logging in.
  2. Dispatcher Display:
    Patient calling is done using dispatcher displays. This is often a small touch screen where an employee controls the call and assigns patients.
  3. Waiting room display:
    The number appears there. Each waiting area has one or more monitors. Patients are guided through each specialist department in this way and are always informed about their respective position in the queue. We name this patient flow management.

Software for your Patient Queue System

Software from SmilControl unites third-party solutions with digital signage techniques. We achieve this through maximum transparency and free interfaces. This helps avoid isolated solutions, and you don't waste resources reinventing the wheel.

Die Media Player Software

You need a digital signage player to run a screen. We base our software on the industry standards such as SMIL. Therefore, a wide range of compatible hardware is open to you.

SMIL media player support so-called multiple zones or split screens. This means they can use part of the screen area for patient viewing and the other part for news, entertainment, and advertising.


With our Digital Signage CMS, you control your devices worldwide via the Internet using remote maintenance, create presentations and synchronize the software for your call systems.

Even large networks with thousands of connected screens can be managed comfortably. Furthermore, you receive detailed statistics and evaluation functions for your business operations.

There are several options for your patient queue system:
Patientenaufruf I&W
Patient Queue System of I&W (Smart Queue)
  • If you want an out-of-the-box patient call system, take a look at the site of our partner I&W. Their modular Smart Queue system builds on our software solutions.
  • You integrate your existing call software into our technical infrastructure. Due to the openness and numerous interfaces, different software systems can be merged particularly quickly and cost-effectively. This works because we support digital signage widgets. They allow third-party applications to be integrated elegantly and securely into our management solution.
  • Are you planning to develop something of your own? As a programming, company we will be glad to help you.

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