SMIL Player for Digital Signage

Free software and transparency are close to our hearts.

Although there are a number of SMIL-compatible media players available for purchase, you may want to use your own hardware.

Garlic Player - The free Digital Signage SMIL-Player

In addition to our CMS, we support the development of the freely available Garlic-Player.

This digital signage player was designed with the focus to enable platform-independent Digital Signage based on the open standard SMIL on as many operating systems as possible.

The software player is currently available for Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android. This expands the range of SMIL players offered and gives you, among other things, the opportunity to produce your branded hardware.

This will enable you to use not only the commercially available all-in-one products, but also other hardware that meets your needs best. The Garlic-Player as digital signage open-source ensures maximum transparency, investment security and freedom.

More information and downloads for Garlic-Player.

Build your Player Hardware

With the also free garlic-launcher, you can create a fully fledged Digital Signage Hardware from any Android device (since 7.1) within minutes.

With a simple QR code only!

The self-brewed Digital Signage Player will have all the features of a standard network player. Including remote maintenance and security functions.

The Android does not need to be rooted

This YouTube-Tutorial explains to you how.

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