Queue Calling Systems with Digital Signage

Waiting times always challenge the patience of many people. Queue caller systems as a sub-discipline of queue management keep order, but only digital signage turns the seeming disadvantages into advantages. Read here how this works and how you can implement cost-effective queue call systems with our software solutions.

Queue Calling pager
Queue Calling Pager in Self Service Restaurant

What are the Advantages of Queue Call Systems?

Queue calling systems shorten waiting times by optimizing throughput times and minimizing wrong assignments. This lowers the risk of stress for both: those waiting and the service being visited. Cost-effective digital signage screens entertain, inform and display advertising.

Advantages of linking with Digital Signage

Digital signage for queue call systems has several advantages. Content can be exchanged within seconds and provides waiting people with up-to-date information. The infotainment they provide significantly reduces the perceived waiting time.

Corporate Design

how the information in your corporate design. Thanks to free template design, this is possible both: as an image and as an HTML5 animation.

Reduce Stress Levels

The positive impact on customer satisfaction lowers stress levels for everyone involved. Especially those waiting with children will be grateful that you are making the waiting time more enjoyable for their little ones.

Screens save Costs

Instead of expensive call systems hardware that require maintenance, less expensive screens can be used in numerous instances. By using the digital ad space for local advertising cooperations or advertising media, the new investment amortizes even faster.

Where are Queue Call Systems useful?

Queue call systems are used when it is necessary to distribute visitor flows on limited service resources. These are usually doctors' surgeries, hospitals, in public authorities and in banks. It also makes sense for retailers with products requiring intensive consultation, such as telecommunications stores or for self-service restaurants.

Medical Segment

Privacy-compliant patient call systems for medical practices and healthcare are becoming increasingly popular. Modern digital queue calling systems can coordinate scheduling and spontaneous visits in a privacy-friendly manner. There is no longer a need to call out for names. With digital screens, the patient independently informs themselves on the stay in the hospital and have in view what they are waiting for.


The Scandinavians are leading the way. There you can find paging systems at the bakery or at sausage counters. However, retailers in Europe are also using modern digital call systems with pagers or SMS. The customers use the waiting time because they can move freely without fear of losing their place.


Digitization enables more visitor-friendly public authorities. These combine their queue call systems with online information. Citizens can find out at any time what the current waiting situation is and how long they can expect to wait.


Banks and post offices use digital call systems in a mix with infotainment and advertising for their services. Visitors become entertained and informed.

 Aufrufsystem in Spanien
Queue Call System used in some Spanish banks, maintained by our Partners Sirkom and UEG Mobile

Self-service Restaurants

Wireless pagers as part of a queue call system are popular in self-service restaurants. Guests can take their drinks or appetizers to their seats and be notified by the pager when their order is ready for pickup.

SmilControl-Software for your Queue Call System

Software from SmilControl merges third-party solutions with digital signage techniques. We achieve this through maximum openness and free interfaces. You don't have to reinvent the wheel.

The Media Player Software

To display anything on screens, you need a digital signage player. Since we rely on industry standards like SMIL and developed own software, too, you have many options in terms of hardware.

Our remotely maintainable media player supports so-called multiple zones split screens and is controllable via SmilControl CMS as well as via third-party software. The clerk presses a button as soon as it is free, and the software does the rest. It doesn't matter whether the “button” is a sensor or a web application.


Digital Signage Widget are web applications that you embed like images or videos into your playlist and run on the media player. This allows elegantly and securely to integrate third-party applications into our software solutions using CMS.


With our Digital Signage CMS, you control your devices worldwide via the Internet using remote maintenance, create presentations and synchronize the software for your queue call system.

You can manage even large networks with thousands of connected screens comfortably. Furthermore, you get detailed statistics and evaluation functions about your business operations.

For your individual call system now there are three options:
  1. Do you already have web-based calling software? We integrate this into our systems.
  2. Do you want to develop something new? As a programming company, we support you.
  3. Do you want an out-of-the-box calling system? Take a look at the site of our partner I&W. I&W's comprehensive Smart Queue calling system is built upon our software solutions.

Due to the openness and connectivity of our software in terms of interfaces, it is possible to interconnect different software systems quickly and cost-effectively.

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