Digital Signage Prices

Although we always calculate prices for B2B and resellers individually, we prefer not to make to make a secret of it. Therefore, here are two pricing examples from our real everyday life.

General information about prices

Fair and transparent pricing considers metrics such as resource/bandwidth usage, desired support services, response times, training, contract terms, number of players (tiering) and more.

What does Digital Signage Software cost?

Cloud/SaaS solutions are the easiest to calculate. Depending on features and support level, they cost from about EUR 3 to EUR 20 per month per connected screen. Self-hosted solutions contain a lot of small print and often hidden costs. Expect to pay at least 1000,- EUR for simple CMS software. Larger enterprise solutions may cost tens of thousands of EUR once, plus a maintenance contract.

In the initial planning and evaluation phase, there is sometimes a lack of overviews as to which specific functions and which service make sense for the project.

What does Digital Signage Hardware cost?

Digital signage hardware like 42-inch (1.07 m) public displays start at around 400 EUR. Acceptable 4K-capable Android players are already available from about 150 EUR. Expect at least 1000 EUR for a good indoor totem. Robust outdoor devices certified for outdoor use cost about twice as much.

Sample Offers

Here are two examples based on using our existing server infrastructure in a cloud or SaaS model. Prices are exclusive of value-added tax.

Example of a project with a low load and 10 media players

5 EUR monthly per licensed player

  • Nested play lists
  • Channel basis kit with various news
  • Change play lists via scheduler
  • Play reports with CSV export
  • 500 MB traffic per player monthly. This equates to approx. 8-min video in YouTube HD quality (h264 at 1080p25 at 8 Mbps), which can be replaced monthly.
  • A three-year contract term and thereafter, an annual termination is possible
  • Training by phone or messenger
  • Email support
  • Response time weekdays maximum 24 hours
  • annual payment

Example for reseller with premium features and 50 media players

20 EUR monthly per licensed player

  • Nested play lists
  • Channel kit with news and local weather
  • Change play lists via scheduler
  • Play reports with CSV export
  • Remote player administration (Reboot, change firmware etc.)
  • 5 GB Traffic monthly per player
  • Own user management
  • Own license management
  • Own feeds
  • Own channels
  • Own templates
  • Variable pricing scheme is possible on higher media player counts
  • One year contract period and then quarterly termination
  • On-site training (Europe)
  • Support by phone during the working hours
  • Email response times based on severity between a maximum of 12 (working hours) and 48 hours
  • Recovery times up to 72 hours maximum
  • monthly payment


In our experience, the requirements for digital signage in the B2B sector are always individual. Different requirements demand different prices. The question of what it costs is legitimate, but cannot be answered standardized, especially for B2B customers.


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