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In the age of almost unlimited advertising opportunities, companies spend considerable resources on providing high-quality content in various marketing campaigns. Digital signage not only saves resources, but also offers an excellent opportunity to increase reach through a good content strategy.

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Why is a perfect content strategy critical for digital signage?

A good cross-channel content marketing strategy is an important component of any successful advertising campaign. It enables efficient delivery of powerful information such as testimonials, product descriptions, orientation maps and social media posts.

Digital signage content creation offers many advantages in this regard. Advertising on bright monitors has been shown to attract more attention from potential customers than billboards. The bright colors, interactive elements as well as moving images promise a positive customer experience and promote customer loyalty.

Sustainable and Cost-Effective

Digital signage represents a sustainable and cost-effective investment. Instead of printing advertising posters and flyers for each campaign, the content on digital displays is adapted at will at any time. This saves time and money. In addition, the company shows its modern nature and sense of sustainability.

Interaction in the Market Analysis

When it comes to digital signage content creation, it's not just creative minds that are needed. Digital advertising requires a well-thought-out content strategy that involves many professional groups.

Designers, marketing experts, psychologists and IT specialists analyze the target group as well as current trends and apply different design elements. Developing a successful content strategy requires intuition and a precise market analysis. This must consider the wishes and needs of the target group.

On which Factors do the Selection of Content depend?

When determining a content strategy, it's important to consider not only the budget available, but also the number and size of screens. Through a tightly defined schedule, companies deliver targeted content to the right customers. Planning in a content management system (CMS) has proven its worth here.

A good CMS not only publishes content, but also manages the publication date, contacts, and contacts.

How does a Content Creation Software help in creating Digital Signage content?

To make it easier to prepare digital signage content, it makes sense to use content creation software (CCS). Many tools have a built-in database of animations, images and various templates. This allows you to create digital signage content quickly and easily.

Numerous construction kits for content creation offer many options for individual design. Furthermore, additional and useful plug-ins such as calendars, SEO tools as well as chats and surveys can be integrated.

19 Ideas for Digital Signage Content

The areas of application for digital signage are as varied as the needs and interests of the customers. Whether in a restaurant, at the airport or in a professional context — digital content offers countless possibilities for every taste.

A real boom is currently being experienced in digital signage in the restaurant industry. More and more restaurants are turning to creative and modern menus to wow their guests. Animated images such as a steaming coffee cup or a delicious steak with tangy lemon stimulate the appetite. Professional cooking videos ensure unforgettable moments and displayed recipes underline the quality of the dishes.

General News

News and lend themselves to waiting areas and queues. Visitors naturally have more time to read something.

Make sure you have a clear layout that can be quickly grasped, neat typography and fade in their information long enough. This will increase readability and your readers will thank you.

Industry News

Presenting industry-related news and trends conveys the company's professional expertise and ensures knowledge transfer. Up-to-date news displayed on monitors engages customers and promotes interest in the industry.

Weather Display

Weather Display

The timeless classic and probably the most used content in digital signage history. Display the local weather of the location.

In ancient times, you had to laboriously generate static images, flash animations or even videos for different screen sizes.

Modern variants, on the other hand, offer the following advantages:
  • update themselves regularly on their own through feeds
  • adapt responsively to display resolution
  • enable slim animations without megabyte-heavy video downloads

Calendar and Time

To ensure that important events will no longer missed, the use of digital signage has proven its worth. In the foyer, in offices or in meeting rooms, the highly visible monitors help visitors and employees to keep track of all significant appointments.

Project Status

Are critical projects running in the company? Before employees are laboriously informed via other communication media, the flow of information can be uncomplicated via digital displays. The advantage lies in the simplicity of updating the project status.

Flight Information

Digital signage solutions provide travelers with clear flight information. Large monitors are visible from afar. Rebooking, delays or significant information such as gate numbers can be highlighted in color.

Emergency Services

Pharmacy emergency service

Display emergency service numbers or other helpful contacts on your screens. For example, in hotel rooms or on tourist displays. For pharmacies outside business hours, it's a good idea to display the two nearest pharmacies on duty.

Sales Numbers

Have you had a strong sales year? Then proudly show the results achieved to your workforce. The presentation of sales figures and transparent corporate communication strengthens employee loyalty and promotes motivation.

Real-time Advertising

Real-time advertising is especially popular for cooking presentations. But also the presentation of the latest technology, toys, etc. can be broadcast live on large digital signage monitors.

Inspirational and Motivational Quotes

At work, at a university, at school or at the gym — motivation plays an important role in many aspects of our lives. Motivational and inspirational quotes are a great opportunity for digital signage content. Increase the motivation of your target audience and convey positive energy.

With a template and a feed, this is great to automate as a channel.

Employee Profiles

It is indispensable to strengthen team spirit and create a sense of belonging. That's why you publish employee profiles from the internal social media platform or intranet via DS monitors. This promotes internal communication and strengthens employee loyalty. Be sure to observe data protection and obtain written permission before publishing.


Especially in larger companies, it's important to regularly communicate appreciation for the work of your colleagues on the team. So let everyone know when it's someone's birthday. There's no better way to reach the largest number of people possible while making the recipient feel recognized on their special day.

Happy Birthday

Tip: Create a digital signage template where you can put the name, picture and best wishes for the day. Be sure to make the texts sound personal every time and not come across as if they were copied from a postcard.

Even if things are tense and rough in the team at the moment, friendly words on the day of honor lighten the mood again and clear conflicts out of the way.

Visitor Reviews and Testimonials

Are you proud of your visitors' ratings? Then show it! Share the enthusiasm and positive experience of your regular customers with new visitors. Recommendations from satisfied customers are a valuable treasure. They create trust, show social competence and strengthen your brand.

Testimonials are one of the most effective ways to explain the benefits of your product. Thousands of words and graphics don't accomplish as much as a simple testimonial: “I saved $150 every month with this product!”.

In the simplest case, you only need a well-prepared template with text and image module.

Event Countdown


Create tension by counting down to a special event or holiday. Implement your event countdown either as a web page, or even more elegantly as a digital signage widget.

Tip: Keep the countdown flexible and then customize it to fit your needs. This way it can be used over and over again. There are always exciting dates to look forward to!

Social Media Wall

Communication on social media is now part of many people's everyday lives. The regular exchange of information and experiences forms a good basis for deciding for or against a particular product or service.

The so-called social media walls offer a great opportunity for an exchange of information on digital screens.

Sponsoring Wall

Use large digital signage screens to attract the attention of the audience and potential sponsors for the company. This way you present important information, company successes and statistics on a large scale.

Wi-Fi HowTo


Do you offer free Wi-Fi in a restaurant, waiting room or hotel?

Minimize questions and frustrations from your visitors by explaining how they connect to the Internet. The best way to explain is with a short, simple video. At the same time, the screen displays the current password of the day.

Your guests will quickly understand and appreciate the information.

Directory Tables

What can I expect to find here? DS directory boards on the walls answer this question. They give the customer a clear listing of specific information.


To engage the target audience with the use of digital screens, you need memorable digital signage content. Boring content, even on the best monitor, causes the viewer to yawn and has a counterproductive effect. A well-thought-out content strategy, animated images and exciting videos captivate your target group and make a lasting contribution to your company's success.

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