Digital Signage Guides

Guides and advices on buying digital signage. What should you look for when choosing advertising monitors? How are you protecting your digital signage network? What are the distinguishing factors between cheaper and more expensive devices or services? And a lot more.

Digital Signage with PowerPoint – The Proper Tool?

Cutting chicken with circular saw
PowerPoint is a popular tool for digital presentations. But is it also the proper tool for creating digital signage? In this article, we provide 10 tips and an overview of the pros and cons of PowerPoint for digital signage.

Buy Cheap Digital Signage?

cheap face in front of a video wall
No one wants to spend more money than necessary. However, there is also much to do wrong. In this article, you'll learn what to look for in digital signage hardware and software to make it cost-effective, not cheap.

Digital Signage Open Source Software

Digital Signage Open Source Software
Digital signage open source software adds more transparency and competition to our shuttered, marketing gobbledygook-dominated industry. Read here how it works.

Increase Sales - 9 Ideas for Retailers

Positive Shopping Chart
Retail offers businessmen many opportunities for a successful business. At the same time, increasing sales in retail is a challenge due to market oversaturation. The initial drive and emotional highs too often end in disappointment.

Advertising Monitor Guide

advertising Monitor in Subway
Are you planning to use advertising monitors in the near future? In this guide you will get tips for the selection and location of your devices for indoor and outdoor use. …

KPIs for Digital Signage

KPI Digital Signage
What do KPIs mean and what are their advantages? Which key performance indicators can be implemented with digital signage and how do we determine them? This article answers these questions and more …

Digital Signage with Linux

Digital Signage Linux Player

This article describes in detail why it still makes sense to consider Linux as an alternative. You will also learn where the problems are and who is responsible for them. At the end, there you find tips on what to look for when buying Linux hardware.

Digital Signage and Raspberry Pi?

Digital Signage mit dem Raspberry Pi

Those who look at the specifications ask the legitimate question whether digital signage is possible with the Raspberry Pi. You will find out in this article why this is not a good idea …


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