Digital Signage Tutorials

Tutorials are a great way to acquire practical knowledge and immediately put it to use. You will find tutorials for creating different types of tickers using HTML and responsive content, for connecting media players with our CMS, for building playlists, and for many other tasks.

Do-it-Yourself Digital Signage mit Android

Do-it-Yourself Digital Signage with Android
When we mention digital signage for Android, we usually mean a digital signage player. In this article, you will learn how to make an automated, well-secured media player out of almost every Android version 7.

Running Texts with SMIL & Co

Time square with display and running texts

This article shows you more news ticker techniques for Digital Signage. You will see a realization in pure SVG with SMIL. We also dig out an old buddy …

HTML5 Canvas Running Text

a Canvas

An HTML5 canvas is a defined area in which you can draw. This article shows an interesting alternative for digital signage news tickers.Learn the pro's and con's …

CSS Running Texts

CSS Running Texts

Newsticker as horizontal ticker are often requested functionalities in the digital signage routine. Learn the technical basics for CSS ticker text without Javascript animations using a simple example.

Channels with SVG and Feeds

A channel image

This HowTo describes how a SmilControl reseller can create channels from RSS feed and SVG templates. You will also discover various technical basics: SVG, template engine, RSS …

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