Digital Signage Knowledge

How is digital signage actually used? Find out about the possibilities for internal communication, display marketing, interactivity, outdoor advertising and other applications.

How self-service improves customer service

Woman on info terminal
The customer is always right – while it sounds trite, the phrase applies more than ever nowadays. In an increasingly dominant online world, customers expect quick and easy access to information. Find out how self-service can help improve customer service.

OoH – Out-of-Home Advertising » That is why it is useful

Man with megaphone
Advertising is omnipresent and there are hardly any places where you can escape it. On the way to work on the radio, on your cell phone while shopping online, and even on the refrigerator in your apartment – thanks to personalized advertising, the boundary between private and public life is disappearing.

Outdoor Advertising explained simply

Historical Billboard
Outdoor advertising exists since people started trading. Even thousands of years ago, Egyptian merchants used stone tablets to advertise on street corners. This article mainly discusses the modern use of classic outdoor advertising, also called “out-of-home-advertising”, its possible uses, costs, and its advantages and disadvantages.

Display-Marketing » Pros and Cons and How its Work

Display Marketing
Display marketing actually exists since the introduction of television. With the rise of the Internet, the term became widespread and is now mainly associated with banner ads. This article explains why this is no longer the case.

Compare HTML and SMIL

SMIL + Coffee Marketing
In the past, we were frequently asked if there was a difference between SMIL and HTML and whether HTML could also be used for digital signage. In this article, you will learn why the question is wrong in itself, and how both technologies can be used perfectly when used correctly in our business.

Interactive Digital Signage

Interactive Digital Signage
Interactive technologies transform passive viewers into active users. Learn here what we define as Interactive Digital Signage and how it can benefit you.


Most people know the term broadcasting, but what does narrowcasting mean? Learn the differences, what are the benefits, where and how to use it correctly. …

Store Layouts in Retail

Shopping Room
Retail space zoning in store layouts is an important tool for improving the efficiency of sales processes. For the zones to be effective, assortment groups must be clearly defined. Nothing is left to chance!

Internal Communication

Internal Communication
Projects and companies often fail because of poor internal communication. In this article, you will read what exactly this means and how it can be managed without making typical mistakes. …

Digital Signage Marketing?

Marketing plan sign
Digital signage marketing opens up great new opportunities for your marketing. In this article, you will learn about them and how to get the most out of the digital transformation of your marketing. …

What does Digital Out Of Home or DOOH mean?

Digital Out Of Home am New York Time Square
Classic offline advertising is slowly dying out. The interest of advertising agencies in investing in huge advertising banners in the long term has been declining for years. This is because potential buyers no longer pay the necessary attention to advertising on billboards after only a short time. …


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