Attract Customers in Retail - 7 Helpful Tips to Attract More Customers in the Store

How to attract customers in retail? How do I get more customers? These questions fill a lot of the trade magazines. Taglines such as “Attracting customers – tips & tricks” and “Increasing sales – ideas and opportunities” are among the key premises of many successful business people.


Find out how to attract customers to the store and which ideas to attract customers are the most promising in this post. With these tips, you will not just have more customers in the store, but also generate more profit in the long term. Let's go!

What measures can retailers apply to attract customers?

  1. Personal consultation
  2. Online promotions
  3. Enhance shopping experiences through in-store marketing
  4. Increase foot traffic with Digital Signage
  5. Storytelling about existing products
  6. Integrate small events and actions
  7. Cooperations
Let's take a look at this in detail:

Tip 1: Take Advantages of Personal Consultation

Always rely on personal consultation to get more customers into the store. The direct and immediate contact with the customer benefits many psychological and interpersonal aspects. Only personal contact gives you an easy way to respond to individual needs of customers and to clarify all open questions immediately.

The customers feel understood and enjoy the extra time the consultant spends with them. This contributes to customer loyalty and increases the chances that the person will buy the product. Especially in times of online shopping and the virtual anonymity of the internet world, personal advice is the scaffolding of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Optician consultation

Face-to-face consulting is a good way to attract more customers to the store through individual communication. Thanks to the face-to-face encounter, both conversation partners get to experience the emotions, facial expressions and gestures of their counterparts at the same time. Body language often says more than a thousand words. This makes it easier to grasp the information being discussed, and to target and react to certain behaviors.

Tip 2: Attract customers to the Store with Online Promotions

Consider effective customer acquisition and advertising as a permanent process, which is not only important for the start-up phase of a business. To continuously get more customers into the store, online promotions are an essential part of any marketing strategy.

Social Media

Create specific incentives through discount campaigns, thematic weeks or competitions. After all, the Internet enables an enormous reach and significant independence of time and place.

Use social media actions to reach your target audience and encourage them to share the content. Great content marketing that goes viral spreads like a chain reaction. You virtually advertise your business without doing any advertising.


See social media as an opportunity for two-way communication. This channel doesn't work if you just dump ads into it.

Tip 3: Enhance Shopping Experience

Once a customer enters the store, he enters a world where nothing should be left to chance. The technical term for this is store marketing. Marketing tricks are the order of the day in supermarkets and department stores. It is not just the arrangement of products, colors, and lighting that are thought out down to the smallest detail.

In addition, more and more stores use digital signage solutions to attract more retail customers. Advertising for the store appears particularly attractively on digital displays.

Not only digital signage, public info displays or digital PoS – thus large video walls offer themselves as digital advertising spaces in retail.

The capabilities of these solutions are hard to beat. Weather resistance, remote maintenance capability, interactivity as well as mobility and flexibility – all these facets embody the modern digital signage advertising displays. Due to their long service life, digital signage solutions are cost-effective companions and add enormous value to any marketing campaign.

Tip 4: Attract Walk-in Customers

Almost every store has regular customers – people who store there regularly. Regular customers are worth a lot and should also be kept by individual care and good service.

However, walk-in customers who happen to enter the store and buy something are at least as important. Turning walk-in customers into regulars is one of the goals of any well-thought-out in-store marketing from Tip 3.

Female with mask and blackboard
Attracting customers back to stores despite Corona

Digital Signage represents an excellent measure to increase foot traffic and customer frequency. Thanks to bright colors and moving images, you will gain the attention of customers and attract them to your store.

Share essential product information with your customers on digital displays, create interactive sweepstakes, and show helpful videos about your product range. Digital signage helps you tell a personal story and get foot traffic engaged in your story.

Tip 5: Storytelling about existing Products

Nothing binds customers more intensively than an emotional connection with the product. You will attract more customers to the store if you address your target group correctly. Generation Y, i.e., 25- to 40-year-old customers, is a group with a strong purchasing power.

Another special feature is that this age group has a high digital affinity. Such customers take the daily use of digital media and devices for granted. This is precisely where digital signage comes into action.

Do you have a story to tell?

If you package everything worth knowing about your product range into an exciting story and let customers experience products up close thanks to using digital signage, they will also remember them. Storytelling is an excellent marketing method. It helps customers identify better with a particular product. Regularly maintain your product range and expand your product offerings.

Tip 6: Integrate small Events & Actions

Seasonal events and special promotions give you the opportunity to sustainably increase sales. If you consider the temporal fluctuations in demand and adapt your offer to the needs of customers at all times, you are on the appropriate track.

The main factors for seasonal fluctuations in demand are the holidays and the weather. Here's a classic example: In summer, demand for ice cream grows by about three times. Except, of course, when it's primarily northern German so-called “Schietwetter”. On the other hand, demand for sweets falls. Scientists explain this fact with the oversupply of fruits and berries.

Not to forget about holidays. They are an important promotional opportunity for all retailers. The two main events are Easter and Christmas. However, smaller celebrations such as Valentine's Day or Mother's Day are also a good opportunity to increase profits.

Did you know?

That the popularity of “holidays” like Halloween, Valentine's Day, Black Friday and others deliberately came about through marketing campaigns in specific industries?

There is also the opportunity to start actions that require customer participation. This includes actively asking existing customers for recommendations and references. Another possibility would be so-called “bring a friend” promotions. A typical example are happy hours in bars, where one drink order results in getting a second one for free. This is how you engage loyal customers and increase the credibility of your marketing.

It is critical on all occasions to use multiple channels and offer promotions both offline and online. By the way, the fusion of several channels is called New Retail. And no, New Retail is not a hyped trend. It has already conquered the Chinese market and is increasingly entering European and North America. Use the benefits of New Retail and let your creativity flow. Digital Signage supports you in this process.

Tip 7: Cooperations

Seek companies that have similar target groups but are not direct competitors. Coordinate your marketing strategies with mutual discounts and promote each other. In this way, both companies win new customers elegantly without a gigantic advertising budget. A classic win-win situation.

By the way, there are three types of collaborations:
  1. Horizontal cooperation: Two shoe stores cooperate in purchasing to obtain volume discounts.
  2. Vertical cooperation: A pub receives discounts from a brewery and exclusively serves only their beer.
  3. Lateral cooperation: A maternity fashion store cooperates with a baby products company and give each other's customers discounts.
Cooperations help in many ways to gain new customers and to increase your brand awareness.

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