Garlic SMIL Player – our Open Source Digital Signage Player

In addition to our CMS, we developed a digital signage media player and released it as open source software.

This media player was written with the focus to enable platform-independent SMIL-based digital signage for as many operating systems as needed.

The software player is currently available for Windows, Linux and Android. Garlic player extends the selection of usable SMIL players.

This will enable you to use not only the commercially available all-in-one products, but also other hardware that meets your needs best.

The player can be downloaded at The source code can be found on Github.

Garlic has been released under the GNU Affero GPL3 license to ensure maximum transparency, investment security and freedom.

And there is even more!

Together with the also open source garlic-launcher, you can create a fully fledged digital signage media player from any current tablet, smartphone or Android TV within minutes.

This is possible with a simple QR code only!

The device will have all the features of a standard network player. Including remote maintenance and security functions.

The Android does not even need to be rooted!

In this YouTube video we explain how: