That’s how SmilControl works

SmilControl is a web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) CMS. All you need is an internet browser to operate this software to its full abilities.

To be able to play your content on a screen, you need a SMIL-compatible media player. Devices that fulfill this standard are available in different versions with very specific adaptations for digital signage.

Depending on the requirements of your marketing campaign and the required display screen, you need to choose the premier device. You can choose out of a variety of players each for a different use: for express,high resolutions (UHD / 4K), for rugged work environments, or designed to connect easily to larger displays.

Moreover, Garlic was released to add to this mix. Garlic Garlic is an open-source player that runs on multiple operating systems – Windows, Linux, Android. To save expenses, you can use small, single-board computers or just use Garlic to run a SMIL player from your PC.

Digital Signage the easy way

To start off, you can register your player to SmilControl with your transfer code. Using this code, you will activate your device, and it will appear on the system where the administrator can easily operate on it.

You can create a new playlist using drag’n’drop and maneuver pictures and videos into that playlist.

You can choose to play time for the available templates and adjust them according to your requirements.

Or you can configure all your data sources on your own and generate your channel.

Once done with the playlist, you can adjust its user access with a couple of clicks.

That is how easy all of this could be with SmilControl.