To know what you’re getting into, here is a list of the standard features that SmilControl CMS offers you for your digital signage project. Moreover, there are additional features available on our reseller page, for larger projects.


Media pool

With our user-friendly interface, you can upload media files – like images, video, documents, etc. – onto our server and then manage them by a media pool. You can also convert these documents online without having to use external software for that.

The drag’n’drop option allows you to add these files to your playlist easily.

Our software also allows you to send external content such as live streams and display web pages.


You want to display one playlist during your opening hours and a separate one outside business hours?

Or would you like to play a special playlist on individual weekdays?

This can be configured in a comfortable and easy way with SmilControl CMS. You do not have to worry about anything else.

For a more efficient organization, playlists can also be nested inside other playlists. So contents can be reused in different playlists without creating them each time from scratch.

Scheduler Playlisten
Playlists scheduling

Multiple zones

Example multiple zones

One of the best things about SMIL media players is the ability to split the screen into several zones and play them separately.

For example, you can define a large information area and assign it to a playlist. At the same time you configure a smaller area in which another playlist runs.

All you need to do is define space and specifications for those playlists in the playlist management area and assign playlists to each zone.

Dynamic content

SmilControl helps you keep your information up-to-date.

You can link dynamic content from news feed, etc. to your template and it will change dynamically and stay up-to-date.

The SmilControl-CMS combines the information into channel subscriptions automatically. Channels can be added to your playlist like other media. These are updated independently several times a day.

Localized content

You can work on localized content like a weather forecast. Just add the location in the CMS, and it will adjust the regional content accordingly to the media player.

You only need one playlist to display the different local weather on all devices.

Example: local weather forecast


Editing templates
Of course you can use some stored standard templates for your playlist contents.

But you certainly want to create your own templates.

With SmilControl-CMS you are able to store and manage those templates on your own. Our players allow you to build and display templates based on SVG and HTML5. The media players can even display dynamic websites with Javascript.

This gives you maximum flexibility for your personalizable content.

Monitoring, reporting & statistics

Do you also want to know which content was played by which of your players and when

The CMS shows whether your devices are currently online. With the help of the reporting functionality, playback protocols can be displayed and exported in CSV format.

These can then be further processed with a spreadsheet or database to create your personal playback statistics.
However, you can also use and download our playback statistics with freely adjustable time period and easy-to-read cake chart.

Furthermore, system and inventory reports help to monitor the health of your device.

Rights management

In case you want to manage your employees’ access to your device, we have a built-in rights system to help out with that. You can specify processing modular rights and user accesses for each employee.

For instance, you can separately manage access rights for employees who will display and maintain your content from the users who serve their players.

You can even go another step ahead and appoint administrators to assign rights to other employees, grant permissions to templates, sources, playlists, etc. as needed.


Is there anything else that you might need from this deal? A special solution for your content? Or your data sources?

That is exactly what we are here for, and more! If we work together, we can find a solution that works for you and integrate that into the system to make it more convenient and efficient for you.
Contact us!