What is SMIL?

SMIL is a markup language for multimedia contents. It helps you to create playlists with media elements. The language is based on XML and is an abbreviation for:

Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language

SMIL helps you create playlists with movie clips, images, and music streams that can also be time-controlled.
You can customize the layout and configure multiple regions on the screen. These zones then play their content individually.

SMIL is becoming more and more popular in the digital signage market because it has a significant advantage:

It is a standardized language!

For you, this means more independence, competition, and innovation.

If you have a SMIL compatible player, you can use SmilControl!

This gives you not only a much wider choice of devices. You can also manage players from different manufacturers by SmilControl and – if necessary – upgrade your media player to a newer model.

Also, you benefit from the fact that we as a supplier can concentrate fully on our software products. We do not have to develop and maintain an own complex markup language for multimedia.

If you would like more information about the use of this language in digital signage projects, please read our blog post Advantages of Digital Signage SMIL Components.