IAdea SMIL Player

The Taiwanese digital signage hardware manufacturer IAdea was founded in 2000. In 2008, they were the first company which produced SMIL-based media players on a large scale for the digital signage market.

Product Range

The smallest player (MBR-1100) is the size of a cigarettes box and has an HDMI plug.  This allows it to be used directly on a screen without cables.

Logo IAdea SMIL Player

The devices of the XMP series have a metal housing and are therefore more robust. For example, the XMP-6250 or the XMP-6400, which also has an HDMI input. Ultra HD video (4K) can be played by the XMP-7300. This player also supports IAdea’s Anytiles ™ technology, which allows you to create large LED walls with 18,000 x 4,000 pixels total resolution.

Furthermore, IAdea also offers various so-called “Smart Signboards” with integrated touchscreen. These are available in screen from 10” to 21”.

Features IAdea SMIL Player

The devices have no moving parts such as fans or hard drives and use efficient ARM processors. Consequently, they are particularly low maintenance and energy efficient. For example, the MBR-1100 consumes less than 10 watts at full load.

IAdea SMIL Players are supporting all common video formats and codecs, such as h264 and h265 (XMP-7300). Additionally, they can also display JPEG / PNG images and HTML5 pages with Javascript.

Each device has a several interfaces: e.g. Ethernet, WiFi, HDMI, multiple USB ports as well as a battery-backed real-time clock, and at least 8 GB of eMMC flash memory. The memory can be expanded via MicroSD card.

Image XML 7300 IAdea SMil Player
IAdea SMIL Player – XMP-7300